‘Drag Race’ Fans Still Livid After Shuga Cain’s Shocking Elimination


Last Thursday’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race had hands-down, the most shocking sashay of the season. Shuga Cain was eliminated after landing in the bottom two next to Vanessa Vanjie Mateo. The two queens were required to lip-sync for their lives, with Vanjie ultimately taking home the win, but it wasn’t Shuga’s loss in the final battle which has fans raging online. It’s the idea that she never should have been in the bottom two to begin with.

Many Drag Race fans are outraged that Shuga was placed in the bottom two by Ru, especially since she was on the winning team for the day, which included Brooke Lynn Hytes and Nina West. The trio performed a stellar magic routine as The Mighty Tucks, and more than outperformed Team Black Magic, according to the fans. Drag Race fans have taken these frustrations to Twitter to express their complete disdain for the choice.

Shuga was overshadowed by Brooke Lynn and Nina but still gave a decent performance during their magic show. Several of the other queens on Team Black Magic received harsher criticism than Shuga, but were named safe when elimination time came around.

The biggest issue fans seemed to have was that Shuga was criticized for not elevating her personality and always just being herself on stage. However, that is exactly what contestant Silky Nutmeg Ganache is applauded for week after week, as she continually relies on her over-the-top behavior.

“Shuga does not deserve to be in the bottom. It should have been Silky. What is Ru thinking this season. Some crazy a** decisions been made,” one viewer tweeted.

“I’m confused about Shuga’s placement in the bottom. Sure, she wasn’t quite as strong as Brooke and Nina, but she was leagues ahead of literally everyone on the other team except Akeria. I was SHOCKED that Yvie or Silky weren’t in the bottom w/ Vanjie,” another added.

Scrolling through #DragRace tweets shows the same sentiment over and over again, with very few fans agreeing that Shuga should have been eliminated. Others suggested that Silky was kept around just for the drama, and it was a decision by production and not Ru.

Fans did seem to agree, however, that Shuga did lose the lip-sync to Vanjie, but many felt Silky should have been lip-syncing for her life, rather than the queen who was given the sashay. More fan sentiments about Shuga’s elimination can be found below.

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