Jenelle Evans Friends Allegedly Worried She’ll Stay With Husband David Eason After He Killed Her Dog

John LamparskiGetty Images

Jenelle Evans and her husband, David Eason, are reportedly on the rocks after David shockingly killed the family’s dog, a french bulldog named Nugget.

According to Hollywood Life, Jenelle Evans is said to be weighing her options about her marriage to David Eason. The Teen Mom 2 star even admitted that she is considering divorce after Eason brutally killed her beloved pet.

However, those closest to Evans are allegedly afraid that the reality star won’t go through with a divorce, and that she and Eason will end up back together again.

“Despite Jenelle publicly claiming she’s considering a divorce from David, friends of hers are worried that she’s just putting on a front to avoid facing more criticism from fans. They feel Jenelle will eventually work things out with David. Jenelle has always stood by David and friends fear that it would take a whole lot more for her to leave him for good,” an insider tells the outlet.

“They think it’s an unhealthy situation for Jenelle and her kids, and wishes she would make the decision to divorce him once and for all, and not just put the threats out there that she’s thinking about it,” the source added of the couple’s relationship.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, David Eason is accused of killing Jenelle Evans’ dog in a brutal and bloody way.

Sources tell The Blast that the small animal nipped at the couple’s daughter, Ensley, and that David got so angry that he picked up the animal by the throat, threw it around the house, and punched it with closed fists.

Eason allegedly nearly beat the dog to death before throwing it outside, grabbing his gun, and shooting it dead. He reportedly returned to the house covered in blood, but nobody confronted him about the horrific situation out of fear of what he may do.

Radar Online reports that just days after the brutal killing of her dog, Jenelle gave David over $5,000 dollars to pay his back child support to his former girlfriend, Olivia Leedham, whom he shares his son, Kaden, with.

David was ordered to show up to court and pay the money, but didn’t have it. The judge allegedly gave Eason 30 minutes to come up with the cash, or face jail time. He reportedly called Evans who gave him the money he needed to keep himself out of jail.

There is currently an investigation into Jenelle Evans and David Eason over the death of the dog.