Carrie Underwood's 4-Year-Old Son Shouted 'Mommy I Love You' While Watching Her On Stage

Carrie Underwood's 4-year-old son took in his first show of her new tour at the Legacy Arena at The BJCC in Birmingham, Alabama, on May 3, and it sounds like the little guy really enjoyed seeing his mom do what she does best. In a sweet new Instagram post uploaded after the show, Underwood's husband, Mike Fisher, revealed that little Isaiah saw one of his mom's concerts for the first time. Fisher also shared the adorable thing their young son yelled to her from the audience.

Mike took to social media to share a number of photos from the Birmingham show, several of which showed the country superstar killing it on stage, with another showing little Isaiah watching Carrie do her thing while sitting on his father's shoulders.

The retired NHL star's photo showed little Isaiah with a pair of ear defenders over his ears while watching the country superstar from up high. The 4-year-old rested his head on his dad's baseball cap while Fisher smiled from ear to ear while spending some time with his eldest son.

In the caption, the former hockey player shared that Isaiah couldn't hold in his excitement during the show – which was only the second stop on Underwood's "Cry Pretty Tour 360" – and repeatedly yelled to his mom that he loved her.

While Isaiah just got his first full glimpse of his mom's brand new stage show, as The Inquisitr previously reported this week, he is actually featured in the performance.

During an interlude set to the song "Kingdom," taken from her 2018 album Cry Pretty, Underwood shared several adorable family photos on the multiple screens positioned around the center stage, which stretched across the floor of the arena.

The snaps include pictures of Isaiah and his 3-month-old brother Jacob, as well as photos showing Carrie and Mike posing with their boys.

Speaking to E! News, the stunning "Southbound" singer recently confirmed that both of her boys are on the road with her, and joked that her life on tour with her kids is one "big, wonderful mess."

"It just makes my heart happy that I have the kind of job where I can bring my children with me and they can be a part of it," Underwood shared. "My work and my life kind of collide all together and it just makes for a big wonderful mess."

The mom of two also added that Isaiah – who turned four in February – is only just now starting to realize that his mom is famous and doesn't have a normal day job.

"I think right now though it's kind of a fun time because Isaiah's starting to realize what I do and realize that that's not normal," Carrie told the outlet, shortly after The Inquisitr uploaded a snap of the youngster fishing with his dad. "He'll hear my songs on the radio or a kid at school says, 'I saw your mom on TV!' He's kind of realizing what I do, which is pretty cool."

Earlier this week, Carrie also revealed that she was hoping her eldest would get to watch the show this time around because "he was in bed by the time the last one started so maybe he'll get to see a couple songs before bedtime."