Laura Bush Is Thrilled Over The News That She Will Be Getting Another Grandchild

Laura Bush has fulfilled many diverse roles throughout her life. She's enthusiastically spoken out about the value of education, worked as a librarian, and of course also served as the former first lady of the United States. However, the roles that take highest priority in her life are those she fills within her family.

Laura and former President George W. Bush share two daughters together, Barbara Pierce Bush and Jenna Bush Hager. Hager has two young daughters, 6-year-old Mila and 3-year-old Poppy. Hager will soon be welcoming a son, the very first male grandchild of the family, according to Today.

Jenna recently took over for Kathie Lee Gifford as Hoda Kotb's sidekick during the fourth hour of the Today Show. Just last week, Jenna announced to her co-stars that she and her husband, Henry Hager, are expecting a son this summer. Of course, her parents were over the moon upon hearing the exciting news.

The former first lady stopped by the Today Show on Friday to chat with her daughter and Meredith Vieira, who is currently filling in for Kotb, who just adopted a second baby of her own. Laura's face lit up with joy upon being asked about her role as a grandmother. She gushed about how much happiness her grandchildren bring to her life.

"I'm thrilled about the new boy! Of course, George and I are just thrilled to have another grandchild. As George says, 'Grandchildren, they're the wonderful part about old age — the reward for old age.'"
While the former presidential couple may have been a little stricter when raising their own daughters, the same rules don't apply to caring for their granddaughters, who hold an extra special place in their hearts. The doting grandparents have trouble saying no to Mila and Poppy, who tend to get their way when they come for a visit. Both Laura and George, who is known as "Jefe" to the little girls, can't help but give them whatever they like, even sweet treats like ice cream that would be more limited at home.
"We let them do anything. And the part we love the best, when we're with them at the ranch or with them in Maine is they sneak out of their bedrooms at 6 in the morning and rush to get in bed with us. We love that! George says they can do whatever they want with us, eat whatever they want."