KJ Apa And Maia Mitchell Kiss & Tell To Promote ‘The Last Summer’

Rich FuryGetty Images

When promoting new projects, actors often give countless interviews to different publications, but while spreading the news of their latest Netflix movie, The Last Summer, actors KJ Apa and Maia Mitchell decided to shake things up a bit. The actors participated in a modified version of the classic “Kiss & Tell” game, which was later posted to the streaming giant’s official YouTube account.

In the video, the actors take turns wearing a blindfold while the other person holds an item up for them to kiss and feel using their faces in order to guess what the item is. Mitchell is up first and Apa holds a graduation cap to her face. After kissing and rubbing her face against the item, Mitchell takes the cap’s tassel into her mouth before successfully guessing the item.

The actors then switch roles and it becomes Apa’s turn to guess. Mitchell holds up a framed photograph of Apa’s Riverdale co-star, Cole Sprouse, and the red-headed actor begins kissing and licking the framed image before guessing it was a picture frame. At the end of his turn, he removes his blindfold to discover Sprouse’s face and reveals this wasn’t his first time getting close to his co-star.

“Good job Cole, I just licked your face,” he said. “Wouldn’t be the first time, my friend.”

The two continued the game with more items, including popsicles, pizza, floaties, ribs, and a watermelon.

The Last Summer is available to stream on Netflix on May 3, and tells the story of a group of Chicago teens trying to navigate their last summer before heading off to college. Apa and Mitchell play Griffin and Phoebe, respectively, childhood friends who reconnect and find themselves in an adorably complicated summer romance.

While chatting with JustJared Jr., Apa said that he and Mitchell had immediate chemistry while filming.

“I think when you are working on a rom-com, especially the romantic stuff, you have to be working with someone you can have that kind of chemistry with and I think we are really lucky,” he explained. “Maia’s really easy to work with and we immediately had a great chemistry together.”

The teen romance flick also stars Norman Johnson Jr. as Mason, Jacob Latimore as Alec, Wolfgang Novogratz as Foster, Sosie Bacon as Audrey, Mario Revolori as Reece, Jacob McCarthy as Chad, Halston Sage as Erin, Gage Golightly as Paige, Nicole Forester as Margaux, Audrey Grace Marshall as Lilah, Valerie Jane Parker as Claire, Sameera Rock as Janet, and Tyler Posey as Ricky Santos.

The Last Summer is now available to stream on Netflix.