Former Miss Uruguay Fatimih Davila Sosa Found Hanged To Death In Mexico City Hotel

Fatimih DavilaInstagram

Former Miss Uruguay Fatimih Davila Sosa has been found dead in a Mexico City hotel room, prompting a homicide investigation and questions of whether her death may have been connected to a human trafficking ring she had been linked to in the past.

Police said the former pageant winner’s body was found hanging in the bathroom of a guest room. Sosa was the South American country’s winner in 2006 and worked as a model in the following years, The Associated Press reported.

Local investigators have not made a ruling on Sosa’s death, but a Mexico City prosecutor’s office said that a homicide investigation has started. It was not clear whether the former Miss Uruguay committed suicide or was killed, the report noted.

As the New York Post reported, the 31-year-old had previously been connected to an escort ring. Her name was connected to a 2012 investigation regarding human trafficking, one in which models were lured into working as prostitutes after being given promises of advancing their modeling careers. The women involved in the ring would sleep with high-powered men, the report claimed.

The pageant winner appeared to be one of the women recruited to take part in the ring, and had expressed displeasure at how her career was not advancing because of it. Davila Sosa was reportedly captured on a wiretap with those running the sex trafficking ring, recording the pageant winner asking how she could “make myself more well-known,” noting that “nobody cares about the Miss Uruguay title.”

Sosa’s Instagram page has become a de facto memorial, with many fans leaving messages of condolences. The page showed that Sosa appeared to be quite active as a model, frequently posting pictures from photo shoots and visits to tropical locales.

In a separate report, the New York Post noted that there did not appear to be any warning signs on social media from Fatimih Davila Sosa that she may have been considering suicide. The report noted that she left an uplifting messaging to ring in the New Year and appeared to be upbeat in her messages to fans and picture captions.

Some fans speculated that she may have been targeted for her role in the sex trafficking ring, though police did not give any indication of a possible motive — or even if she was suspected to have been murdered.

The report added that the former Miss Uruguay was visiting Mexico City for a job interview.