Kim Kardashian Reportedly 'Thrilled' By Taylor Swift's Bad Reviews For 'Me!'

The latest round of the long-running feud between Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift apparently has the brunette influencer declaring triumph.

Critics haven't been kind to Swift's new song "Me!" and a source close the reality TV star told Radar Online Kardashian has greatly enjoyed the bad reviews the single is getting.

"Kim's dearest wish is to see Taylor fall off her golden perch, and it looks like it's happening."
The insider added that the mother of three "spent hours reading the bad reviews of her new song and definitely got a petty thrill out of it."

Radar Online reported about the long-running dispute between the two stars originated in 2016 after the Swift claimed she did not give Kanye West permission refer to her in the lyrics "because I made that b***h famous" in his song "Famous."

Kardashian shot back at Swift and said West had only used the line because the singer had permitted it.

She then posted audio footage of Swift allegedly approving the lyrics and appeared to be taunting her by mentioning that it was National Snake Day. Swift was labeled a "snake" after the episode, and both women have since utilized the word to slam each other in their social media battles.

Following the confrontation, Swift, normally very active on social media, retreated from the spotlight before resurfacing to promote her album Reputation.

In an interview with Elle, the singer alluded to the incident, where she said she had learned that disarming a bully can be as easy as learning how to laugh. She explained that she had come to learn that bullies yearn to "be feared and taken seriously." Swift then recounted how a few years ago, a person began an online hate campaign by characterizing her as a snake on the internet.

Recently, her "Me!" music video with Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco included some footage of a snake that later exploded into a cloud of pink butterflies. Soon after, the KKW Beauty businesswoman responded with an Instagram story, posting a photo of her new snake jewelry over the caption "I am obsessed!!!!"

The insider claimed Kardashian used a snake to make sure Swift knew it was a direct slam. They stressed that while her actions may come off badly, frustration over a never-ending feud led her to strike back.

"Kim's not a terrible person but she hates Taylor with a passion because of all her petty BS involving her and her husband over the years."