Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Willow Opens Up, Sonny’s Stunned, & Kristina Makes A Decision

Todd WawrychukABC

During Friday’s episode of General Hospital, Michael brought Willow to the safe house to meet with Kristina. Spoilers detail that viewers will see how this conversation plays out during the week of May 6 and some interesting developments are on the way.

As Willow started talking to Kristina, she said that she was going to tell Shiloh’s latest protege exactly what the Dawn of Day leader does to girls like the both of them. The sneak peek for Monday’s episode shares that Willow will continue this conversation and fans know she has a lot to reveal.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Willow will share a lot, although fans would guess she will hold back a few key details, like about Wiley. Ultimately, however, Willow’s goal is to help Kristina see now what she was only able to understand clearly once she had gotten away from DOD.

Will Willow’s talk have the desired impact? General Hospital spoilers via SheKnows Soaps detail that something will horrify Sonny and viewers know that it will take something fairly significant to make that happen. It seems likely it’s something related to DOD that causes this and everybody will be curious to see what sparks this reaction and if it’s something Willow reveals.

As the week continues, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Michael will feel grateful during Tuesday’s show. It sounds as if Willow’s talk with Kristina will go well enough to leave Michael feeling thankful, but this probably is not over yet.

On Thursday, Michael is left in a tough spot after underestimating some type of situation, but it’s not known yet if this is connected to Krissy and Willow. During Friday’s episode, General Hospital spoilers tease that Kristina will make a decision and share her intentions, and Sonny will be bracing himself.

Will Kristina listen to what Willow says and walk away from Shiloh and Dawn of Day? Krissy has come a long way in recent days, as the conversation of her mother’s she overheard made a big impact.

However, Kristina also made it clear to her parents that she doesn’t blame Shiloh for any of her current issues and teasers suggest that Neil has more work to do before she’s truly ready to look forward and let go of DOD. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Shiloh will continue to wreak havoc throughout Port Charles for the foreseeable future, and apparently, Sam’s plan will move forward.

Those General Hospital spoilers would seem to signal that Kristina isn’t ready to wash her hands of DOD entirely. Viewers will be curious to see where all of this heads next and the week of May 6 will provide plenty of buzzworthy developments from the looks of things.