Twin Model, Mathilde Tantot, Goes Fully Topless, Spreads Legs On Instagram

Mathilde TantotInstagram

Traffic is likely high on Mathilde Tantot’s Instagram today.

On May 3, the French model, and twin to Pauline Tantot, updated her account. The two snaps show this sensation without her usual lingerie getup; Mathilde has gone fully topless.

Shot outdoors, Mathilde is seen on what appears to be a tiled balcony. Whitewashed walls and a cactus plant in the background are both bathed in sunlight. Mathilde is likewise sun-kissed. Sitting on steps with her legs spread, the Instagram sensation is definitely throwing her fans a lot to look at. Her tiny black shorts come with a suspender look. Attached to black stockings via gold loops, they’re somewhat provocative, but fans are likely making a beeline for this girl’s cleavage.

That, in itself, seems to be a subject worth discussing for Tantot; while her modesty is covered by her hands, Tantot’s use of a cursor hand over her breast echoes her caption. Mathilde “knows” that nipples “offend this fragile word,” she writes. The computer icon does not appear in the second, similar shot.

Fans mostly seem to agree that this “fragile world” reacts too harshly to cleavage. One user left the following comment.

“It’s part of your body I don’t really see the big deal,” they said.

Another mentioned firearms, as per their comment.

“They prefer to see guns…F*cking crazy world,” they wrote.

Mathilde has 2.6 million Instagram followers. Her career as a standalone model is well-established, although popularity on this account likely stems from Mathilde being a twin. Her sister, Pauline, goes by the “popstantot” Instagram handle. Despite their French origins, both girls seem to be making it over in the U.S. Today’s update from Mathilde comes with a Hollywood Hills geotag.

When it comes to racking up the followers, both girls seem to be doing all the right things. Their scantily clad updates showcase itsy-bitsy lingerie pieces and bikinis. Frequent snaps showing them near a refrigerator add the Instagram-adored food trend. Be they taking in Paris skylines from balconies or twinning in mirror selfies, Mathilde and Pauline are proving to be a hit.

Alongside many rising Instagram models, the twins showed their faces at Coachella 2019. The celebrity-adored music festival had a stellar turnout this year. High-profile faces included Kylie Jenner, Bella Thorne, and YouTuber Tana Mongeau. On the modeling front, the California-based event showcased a presence from Alessandra Ambrosio, Lele Pons, and Hailey Bieber.

Coachella may be over, but the Hollywood lifestyle appears to be lingering for Mathilde. Today’s topless snap managed to rack up over 107,000 likes within two hours of being posted.