Vanessa Hudgens Dishes On Her ‘Midlife Crisis’

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Vanessa Hudgens may seem like she had life all figured out from the glamorous lifestyle portrayed on Instagram. However, the Grease! Live star admits that she didn’t always feel like things were under control, according to People.

“I remember waking up at 27 and that was the first moment where I was like, ‘Oh. I am not a kid. I’m not a teenager. I’m an adult and I have responsibilities.’ I felt like I had no idea who I was or what I wanted or what I was going after.”

Leaving behind the idea of teenager-dom must have been especially daunting as Hudgens’ fame was originally due to a series with “high school” in its name: Disney’s wildly popular High School Musical trilogy.

Though High School Musical originally started as a typical television movie, it found a huge fan base and quickly became the most successful television movie Disney ever produced and spawned everything from spinoff movies, a concert tour, and even a reality series.

In fact, the brand is so lucrative that Disney announced that it would release a television series based on the trilogy in 2019 on its new streaming service. The series is currently titled High School Musical: The Musical.

However, Hudgens managed to find her niche by becoming a fashion icon for her Coachella-esque style. She is a veritable influencer on Instagram, boasting nearly 34 million followers, and even has her own fitness collection called Avia.

Hudgens credits her “midlife crisis” for this newfound focus.

“I’m very grateful for it because then it forced me to reassess who I am and what I believe in, therefore giving me just a better understanding of myself.”

Similarly, the Coachella mainstay also talked about the importance of “showing yourself love.”

Vanessa Hudgens at Tony awards in gown
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In addition to her fashion chops, the Disney alumna has also continued her acting career, such as in the television series Powerless and the recent Jennifer Lopez movie Second Act. However, Hudgens’ most difficult role was likely that of Rizzo in Fox’s Grease: Live!

The actress’s father tragically passed away the day before the show aired due to stage four cancer. Instead of pulling out of the performance, Vanessa decided to continue and act “in his honor.” She received unanimous praise for her incredible performance, and the show pulled in an impressive 12.2 million viewers.

Hudgens recently turned 30 and discussed what it meant to hit the new milestone.

“Now that I’ve reached 30, it’s so nice feeling free to just speak your mind.”

The Salinas native was recently named one of People’s most beautiful.