Valentina Fradegrada Spills Out Of Tiny Black Bra, Instagram Asks About Her ‘Girlfriend’

Valentina FradegradaInstagram

Valentina Fradegrada is prompting a lot of questions from Instagram today.

On May 3, the Italian model updated her account. Her quadruple update isn’t holding back on the cleavage. A spaghetti-strapped sports bra is featuring in all four snaps – in the first, it’s falling off her shoulders. With her hair bunched up into pigtail buns and what appears to be minimal makeup, this European sensation is going low-frills. However, given that Fradegrada’s physique is usually the prime source of her fan comments, today marks a change. Valentina isn’t alone. To her left, a light-eyed male with a twinning hairdo is sticking his tongue out. Other snaps show him gazing directly into the camera with his fingers looped into an “o” shape.

A caption from Valentina points towards the unidentified male being her “half.” It comes complete with a black-heart emoji.

Comments largely appear hell-bent on finding out who this guy is. The “You guys are too cute” comment from fellow model Julia Rose suggests a possible boyfriend situation. Other users aren’t so sure. One voiced their query via a reply.

“Is that your girlfriend?”

Valentina did respond to the user, but her comment was blank save a series of space-alien emojis. Another fan asked if today’s male is “Greek?” Obliging, Valentina responded, “@ovalalic half Greek”

By and large, users seem to have twigged that today’s update is showcasing a relationship. “You two are so cute super happy for you babe!!!” came from Playboy model Jeni Summers. That said, the somewhat-androgynous look to Valentina’s possible boyfriend is getting a few mentions. “Nice girlie on the left,” one user wrote. The comment likely comes tongue-in-cheek. This isn’t the first “girlfriend” headline from Fradegrada, however. Last month, The Inquisitr documented this busty brunette going fully topless with a “girlfriend” at Coachella.

Valentina has 1.4 million followers. Her Instagram bio announces her ambassador status with KO Watches and Fashion Nova. It likewise gives “girl power” a mention. The feed definitely reflects the bio. With frequent Fashion Nova shout-outs, the donning of KO Watches, and body confidence that’s on a par with Kim Kardashian, this girl puts her money where her mouth is.

Adored by the general public she may be, Valentina proves just as popular with her peers. Her Instagram is followed by fellow models Bianca Ghezzi, Taylor Mega, and French twins Mathilde and Pauline Tantot. Valentina herself follows a plethora of megastars. Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, Britney Spears, and Lady Gaga are all followed.