Brave And Paperman Win Oscars [Best Animated Films]

After Christoph Waltz was named Best Supporting Actor for his work in Django Unchained, it was time to move onto something a little more family oriented.

Best Animated Short and Best Animated film were up next and the winners of both awards had to be a bit of a surprise to some Oscar viewers.

In the Best Animated Short Film category, Paperman took home the prize. The black and white film shows a young office worker who meets, and then loses the apparent woman of his dreams.

After finding her again in an office next to his, he spends most of the short trying to send her a message using paper airplanes. After again thinking that she is gone, he follows a paper airplane to a train platform where she is waiting.

Paperman was actually the opening act for Wreck It Ralph in theaters. Among others, Paperman beat out a Simpsons short film that starred the youngest member of the animated family.

Maggie Simpson stars in the short titled The Longest Daycare. That short was widely considered to be the unofficial favorite to win the Oscar in its category.

For Best Animated Film, Brave took home the top prize. The Pixar film about the Scottish princess who spends the movie realizing just how important her family and her mother are to her beat out some box office Goliaths.

Also nominated for Best Animated Film was Paranorman, Frankenweenie, The Pirates-Band of Misfits, and the aforementioned Wreck It Ralph.

Brave directors Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman won their first Oscars. Mark Andrews had previously been nominated for Best Animated Short Film for his 2006 entry called One Man Band.

While he didn’t claim that he had planned to plan, Andrews came up to the awards podium dressed in full Scottish regalia including a striking kilt.