Princess Charlotte Had A ‘Rowdy’ Party To Celebrate Her Birthday, Says Prince William

HRH The Duchess of CambridgeGetty Images

Yesterday marked Princess Charlotte’s fourth birthday and the royal rascal apparently had a “rowdy” party with “lots of friends,” according to father Prince William. The Sun reports that Prince William made the comments when giving a CBE to children’s author Julia Donaldson, who passed along the intel.

“He said he was going to have quite a rowdy party – he’s got a lot of children [coming].”

Charlotte has gained a large fan following thanks to her playful and seemingly sassy attitude. While Prince George often shies away from the camera, little Lottie seems to relish the spotlight, and often favors the crowd with a wave. She even scolded reporters at little brother Prince Louis’ christening, telling them they were not welcome.

According to People, the little princess is so comfortable with the limelight because of her independent streak.

“She’s very confident… She’s not afraid of a grazed knee and it’s not going to stop her from running around. She moves at the speed of light!”

However, though the rambunctious tot may steal the show in public, in private she has been described as Kate’s “shadow.”

“Wherever Kate goes, so does Charlotte. It’s adorable. As she’s home a lot more than George, Charlotte spends time in the kitchen ‘helping’ with things. Whenever the housekeeper or Kate is preparing food, Charlotte needs her own little toy set by her side to imitate.”

In honor of the princess’s birthday, the bells at Westminster were rung, per The Inquisitr. In addition, the palace released three new portraits of Charlotte, taken by her mother Kate Middleton. In the first one, she poses in a blue floral dress and navy sneakers in a grassy field in Norfolk.

The second photo was an action shot of Charlotte running with a daffodil. The youngster wore a grey sweater and tartan skirt. Many fans were eager to comment on how much the princess liked her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

The last picture was the most well received, with a stunning 1.2 million likes. It features Charlotte sitting on a fence, in the same grey sweater and tartan skirt attire, staring confidently into the distance.

It was on this picture that Uncle Harry and Aunt Meghan wished their niece a happy birthday in a sweet comment.

“Happy Birthday Charlotte! Lots of love, H and M xo”

The comment also featured a cake and festive red balloon emoji to honor the celebration.

Charlotte has two other siblings: older brother Prince George and one-year-old youngster Prince Louis. In addition, she will soon gain a cousin, as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle await the arrival of their firstborn.