‘Southern Charm’ Star Calls Ashley’s Desperation To Be On The Show ‘Kinda Sad’

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Southern Charm star Cameran Eubanks is doing her best to answer one of the series’ existential questions: Why is Thomas Ravenel’s girlfriend still hanging around the cast when she has no friends on the show and isn’t on the series?

Bravo reports she thought that Ashley Jacobs, Ravenel’s sometimes plus-one from last season, was on her way back to California after the politician was cut from the cast and posted on Instagram that he had broken up with her due to her treatment of cast member Kathryn Dennis, who happens to be the mother of his two children.

Cameran was a first-person witness to the outburst at the white tie event and last year’s reunion where Jacobs made it clear that she’s not sorry for her behavior, and the rest of the cast washed their hands of her. But then, in the Season 6 Southern Charm trailer, Jacobs is seen arriving at what looks like a polo event wearing an outfit that looks alarmingly like Dennis’ polo event outfit from past years, and the cast is left wondering why she’s there. At the end of the trailer, she’s seen again, getting tossed from Patricia Altschul’s party for lack on an invitation.

Cameran says that she was left puzzled about why someone would try so hard to hang around with people whom she had treated so badly.

“I was shocked just as everybody else to see her back. I figured the mature and the smart thing for her to have done after last year would have been to get on a plane and go back home to California, so when I saw her roll up at that party, my mouth was hanging wide open. I won’t give away too much but she definitely tries to make amends and I think the viewers will have to wait and watch to see how we all react to that. So she wants in; she wants in the group really bad. It’s kinda sad.”

The Inquisitr shared the Southern Charm Season 6 trailer showing Altschul’s bodyguard removing Jacobs from a private party, yelling that she was calling the police. Unlike the previous year’s party, Ravenel wasn’t there to clear a path for her, so she ends up being removed from the party while the cast watches.

On Season 5 of Southern Charm, Jacobs burned bridges with the entire cast, but she is still close with new cast member Eliza Limestone, who is a longtime friend of Thomas Ravenel, referring to him as “family.”

But Altschul, the cast matriarch, has had it with Jacobs, Ravenel, and their antics, and it’s safe to say that neither will be having a martini at casa Altschul anytime soon.

Recently on Twitter, Patricia had a true mic drop moment when after she was named one of “America’s Best Party Hosts,” someone posted to ask if everyone has forgotten “what a monster she has been in the past.”

Altschul answered with a trademark one-liner.

“What makes you think it’s in the past??”

Buckle up for Season 6, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.