Tamara Braun Gushes Over Garren Stitt, ‘General Hospital’ Star Jokes About Tough Mother-Son Scenes

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital stars Tamara Braun and Garren Stitt dished out some amazing performances for viewers this past week. As everybody saw during Wednesday’s show, teen Oscar Nero passed away after a tough cancer battle — and this has left his loved ones reeling. Fans have shed plenty of tears, and now Braun is opening up a bit about the experience in a new Instagram post.

Braun, who plays Oscar’s mom, Kim Nero, and Stitt — who portrayed Oscar — reconnected this week at an event for the Daytime Emmy Awards. Tamara shared a shot of the two together via her Instagram page, and while it is a bit blurry, fans couldn’t miss the smiles they both sported.

Clearly, Braun and Stitt have a great rapport off-screen, and viewers cried as they watched the on-screen relationship between Kim and Oscar navigate difficult goodbyes. After Oscar died, Braun delivered a devastating performance as Kim’s heart broke. Kim vocalized that she didn’t know how to do life without him.

General Hospital spoilers signal that there are more heartbreaking scenes ahead, as Kim and Oscar’s other loved ones try to move forward after his death. While these scenes can be draining, it looks as if Braun can laugh about a lot of it now — and she clearly still loves her “son.”

Even if Braun did end up so emotional while filming these scenes that she “snotted on” Stitt in the process, he still loves her, too. Garren added a simple “love u” comment on Tamara’s recent Instagram post, and dozens of General Hospital fans added comments regarding how much they had loved the pair’s scenes this week.

While Garrett has definitely put General Hospital behind him — bleaching his hair, piercing his ears, and embracing an opportunity to work on some music — Tamara is still deep in the trenches of on-screen heartbreak. Spoilers via SheKnows Soaps note that in the days ahead, Kim will be quite emotional, and she will lean on Julian for support.

In addition, previews have shown that Drew will tell Kim that she can stay at the Quartermaine mansion for a while, if she wants. Could the loss of Oscar ultimately bring Kim and Drew back together romantically, with perhaps a reunion for Julian and Alexis eventually coming together?

Regardless of what happens next for Kim Nero on-screen, it looks like Tamara Braun is thrilled with the opportunity she’s had with this Oscar storyline. She’ll clearly miss having Garren Stitt as her on-screen son, but everybody will be interested to see what the writers cook up for her character next.