Farrah Abraham Told To ‘Check Into A Mental Institution’ Following Latest Instagram Video

Bryan SteffyGetty Images

Farrah Abraham’s Instagram account appears to have turned into a springboard for slamming. The Teen Mom OG star faces backlash on a near-daily basis. The latest wave appears to be questioning this 27-year-old’s mental health.

On May 1, Farrah updated her Instagram with a video. The clip shows Farrah apparently taking on an acting role. Farrah is seen discussing divorce paperwork in a role that suggests she is a lawyer. Hashtags of “divorcelawyer” and “acting” were used. The video isn’t dissimilar to what Netflix viewers could expect from a trailer. Sadly for Farrah, the result is seeing her trailed through some hefty backlash.

“This kills me every time I watch it” was one of the more positive replies.

Then again, it came from Abraham herself. Another comment proved less flattering.

“This is the worst acting I have ever seen. People won’t listen to 2 minutes of that voice, much less a whole video. Farrah for the sake of humanity please check yourself into a mental institution.”

The above comment launched over 20 replies. Comments also seem to have picked up on another celebrity going down the legal route. @mama_beast_41 wrote the following.

“So, now that Kim K is becoming a lawyer, you’re wanting to do the same in acting? How pathetic?”

The video does not point toward any specific role or acting announcement. It does, however, fit in with the somewhat unpredictable nature of Farrah’s recent updates. This motherhood figure’s social media once came focused on her daughter and Teen Mom OG role. It now forms a seemingly-random mishmash of beach workout videos, anti-aging or diet product promotions, red carpet appearances, and live streamed “butt injections,” per E Online. Each comes with its own slamming, although the line between genuine disapproval and mass bullying seems blurred.

The most recent wave of hate doesn’t come ignored. “Haters,” Farrah replied to a fan who had called the video “awful” while suggesting that “the first few comments are fake.” The user suggesting that Farrah check herself into a “mental institution” didn’t appear to receive a reply from Farrah, although their thoughts were somewhat echoed in a separate comment.

“What the mental hospital is this?”

“The point” of the video was also questioned. Separately, it was called “garbage.” This reality star may not come with an impressive acting portfolio, but her IMDB page isn’t completely blank. Farrah is credited with roles in Adam K and Axeman 2: Overkill.

Something about the recent video’s reception suggests a fully-fledged Hollywood career to be a way off for Farrah.