Farrah Abraham Calls Jenelle Evans’ Husband, David Eason, ‘Mentally Unstable’

John PhillipsGetty Images

Farrah Abraham is speaking out about Jenelle Evans’ husband, David Eason, after reports surfaced that David had brutally killed the family dog.

According to Hollywood Life, Farrah Abraham reveals that she believes David Eason may have mental health issues and that she feels for Jenelle Evans after losing her puppy.

“Killing a dog that did not have any child bleed or die, he should be facing jail time. That is animal abuse and [David] is mentally unstable,” Abraham told the outlet this week.

Farrah went on to reveal that she can understand Jenelle’s pain because she recently lost her own dog, which was heartbreaking for her.

“I lost my dog last year and I can only imagine [what] the kids and Jenelle are going through. Very sad,” Abraham stated.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, David allegedly brutally beat the dog after it nipped at the couple’s daughter, Ensley. The nip didn’t break the skin, but Eason allegedly grabbed the dog by the throat and threw it around the house before punching it with closed fists.

Sources tell The Blast that David beat the dog until near death and then threw it outside, where he grabbed a gun and then shot and killed the animal.

Countless celebrities and fans have spoken out about the situation, and PETA has even made a statement on social media about it. However, unless someone files charges, it seems David won’t be facing legal repercussions.

However, Jenelle Evans did tell Us Weekly Magazine that she was considering divorcing David Eason following the shocking death of her dog.

Meanwhile, while the Teen Mom 2 drama rages on, Farrah Abraham opened up about rejoining her former franchise, Teen Mom OG.

The reality star says that she would never go work on TM2 because she is one of the original girls. However, she’s “happy” that she left the show at the time she did.

“I would never work on Teen Mom 2 – I’m an OG. The Teen Mom executives need to revert to the original line up and authentic stories, [rather] than the havoc it has caused. I’m happy I left when I did,” Farrah revealed to HL.

Recently, rumors were flying that Abraham could return to Teen Mom OG following Bristol Palin announcing that she would be quitting the series after only one season, but nothing has been confirmed.

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