‘General Hospital’ Friday Spoilers: Jason Encourages Sam To Go Big To Lure In Shiloh

Michael YadaABC

General Hospital spoilers for Friday’s episode detail that there is a lot of ground to cover during this May 3 show. While the mourning over Oscar’s death has only just begun, teasers reveal that there is action on the way on other fronts as well.

As viewers saw earlier this week, Shiloh paid Sam a visit at the penthouse and talked to her about recording a secret in order to become one of his inner circle. SheKnows Soaps shares that Sam will fill Jason in on this visit from Shiloh, and the two will try to determine how to best move forward.

The sneak peek for Friday’s show shared via Instagram indicates that Jason will propose a plan of sorts, and this could get dangerous. General Hospital spoilers share that Jason will tell Sam that he thinks the best way to hook Shiloh would be to make the secret she offers up be about Jason himself.

From the sounds of the available General Hospital spoilers, it seems Jason may think of a specific secret that he thinks Sam should use. Of course, given Jason’s history, there are plenty of juicy tidbits that Shiloh would love to have documented and under his thumb.

Viewers will have to tune in to see what Sam and Jason decide to offer up to Shiloh. General Hospital spoilers suggest that whatever these two decide to do next in terms of Shiloh might ultimately backfire on them. While it’s not known for certain yet that this secret will come back to bite them, it seems like a solid possibility.

Going forward, General Hospital spoilers indicate that next week something will surprise Jason and Sam will vocalize some concerns that she has. How far will Sam go in this quest to gain access to Shiloh’s inner circle so she can take him down?

All signs point toward this Dawn of Day situation taking a while yet to play out. The episode airing on Wednesday, May 15, teases that Sam will have a proposal of some nature to offer Shiloh and things, will only get more complicated from there. Willow is worried about Shiloh being in town and she’s desperate to keep Wiley protected, while both Margaux and Brad are being drawn into Shiloh’s DOD web as well.

General Hospital spoilers for the May sweeps period tease that Shiloh will actually have more power and influence over people throughout town than they know. What will it take to bring down Shiloh and who will manage to pull it off? It looks like there are juicy developments on the horizon, and fans won’t want to miss the chaos ahead.