Shawn Mendes Shocks Fans With New Song Drop Ahead Of ‘Saturday Night Live’ Appearance

Timothy HiattGetty Images

Shawn Mendes shocked fans by dropping a new single overnight titled “If I Can’t Have You” along with a sexy music video ahead of his appearance on the May 4 episode of Saturday Night Live.

Variety reported that Mendes wrote the track with Scott Harris, Teddy Geiger, and Nate Mercreau. It will be one of two songs he will perform on the late-night comedy sketch show for his second appearance as a musical guest.

Mendes noted to Zane Lowe on Apple Music that he wants to continue to grow as an artist, and one way to do this is to try different types of music styles and further his exploration of all the angles he can use to craft a song.

The singer and songwriter said of “If I Can’t Have You” that “it’s a confident pop record and it’s clear that for me.”

He also noted that he has written 45 songs over the past six months and despite trying new sounds, he will always be proud to be a pop singer. It is the genre he feels most comfortable with and that has brought him the most success.

On an accompanying video of his interview with Lowe that was posted to Facebook, Mendes revealed other tidbits about his work and work ethic. The 20-year-old continues to surprise fans with each new set of songs he drops.

Capital FM revealed the girl lying in bed alongside Mendes is Christina Cocoli.

Cocoli starred in Niall Horan’s “On The Loose” video, reported Capital FM. A fan post also showed her on the set of the video and a still from one of her and Mendes’ steamy scenes.

Mendes has recorded two other albums as well as one EP since he first burst onto the music scene in 2014, making his national television debut on Live with Kelly and Michael.

He revealed during his first initial television interview that his success was astonishing. Mendes noted that he posted a six-second video on the music sharing site Vine and overnight it had 10,000 likes. He kept posting them and found himself being courted by one of his idols, Ed Sheeran, who asked Mendes to have dinner with him.

He said the best piece of advice Sheeran gave him during that essential meet-up when he was just 15-years-old was to “stay humble” and “separate my work from my friends and stay close to your family” to stay grounded.

Shawn Mendes will appear on Saturday Night Live for the show’s May 4 episode hosted by Adam Sandler.