Bloomberg Soda Ban: 2-Liter Bottles With Pizza Prohibited

New York City, NY — Pizza parties without soda? Didn’t anyone realize the far-reaching unintended consequences of the nanny state?

Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s so-called Big Gulp ban, that prohibits sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces, turns out also applies to the 2-liter bottle of soda that the pizza delivery guy brings to your front door with the pie. Or used to bring to your home, that is, if you live in New York City.

Violators of Bloomberg’s new law are subject to a $200 fine assessed by the Health Department.

Once the new ordinance goes into effect on March 12, the sanctity of kids birthday parties all over the city will come under threat, theGothamist quips.

Is obesity worse than meddlesome politicians?

The New York Post describes what will happen under the regulations:

“Say goodbye to that 2-liter bottle of Coke with your pizza delivery, pitchers of soft drinks at your kid’s birthday party and some bottle-service mixers at your favorite nightclub …

“Typically, a pizzeria charges $3 for a 2-liter bottle of Coke. But under the ban, customers would have to buy six 12-ounce cans at a total cost of $7.50 to get an equivalent amount of soda.

One Domino’s manager told the Post that his store is going with 16-ounce bottles only and that “the smaller bottles will generate more revenue for the restaurant but cost consumers more.”

Two-liter bottles of soda will still be available in supermarkets.

Bloomberg soda ban affects pizza delivery

Do you think Mayor Bloomberg, who the Post satirically refers to as a “soda jerk,” is conducting a war on pizza parties with this new law? Do you think he’ll go after pizza itself next?