Montana Manning Posts A Pic Of Washboard Abs In Crop Top, In Addition To A Thong-Flaunting Snap

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Montana Manning delighted her 96,000 followers by posting a number of updates to Instagram, including a workout shot, a pic sporting a lacy purple bustier, and a sizzling booty-baring thong pic.

The London native has boasted several acting roles, such as in Hollyoaks, Daddy Issues, and even as a Hogwarts student in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. In addition to actress, the beauty also describes herself as a content creator.

The actress and model is big on self-positivity and discussed how self-love will lead to more love in an interview with British publication Flavour Magazine.

“Focus on you. Love will come.”

Her advice for finding love was to acknowledge and respect that people are on different life paths.

“Focus on yourself don’t force or waste time on anyone with different vibrations and energy we are all on different journeys and missions. Forcing a relationship is just a waste of time you will be in heartache and never truly understand why or what happened, the fact is you are on different energy frequencies/vibrations it’s that simple.”

Montana also dished on her favorite date, which was a trip to Disneyland.

“A guy took me to Disney land [sic] last year, it was dope. Also, I recommend theme parks and if you wanna impress her take her somewhere she won’t forget, comedy or a fun place, she won’t forget that.”

In Montana’s most recent picture, she rocks a white crop top, cut-out millennial pink joggers, and white chunky sneakers. To show her figure its full advantage, she leans gracefully against a mirrored door. Montana styled the look with beachy waves, a gold choker, and a belly button ring.

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Earlier in the week, the Hollyoaks star had posted a picture of herself at dinner wearing a very racy purple lace bustier. A long gold necklace falls delicately into her cleavage. In front of Montana is an array of delicious food, including a margarita and plate of fresh lobster. Montana sported natural looking curls and a sweet pink gloss, and she playfully posed with her fork by her lips.

However, the most revealing photo Manning recently posted was one that bared her extremely pert posterior. In the black-and-white photo, Manning looks over her shoulder as her Fendi pants are pulled down to reveal her thong-baring booty.

In addition, she sports a black sports bra, a voluminous blowout, and smokey eye makeup.

Fans loved the picture, which earned over 9,500 likes and 250 comments.

“This is amazing,” said one user.

“Done,” agreed another.