Jen Selter Shows Off Famous Booty In Tight Neon Leggings On Instagram

David BeckerGetty Images

Jen Selter is known for being incredibly fit. Plus, her figure is fairly famous at this point, considering she has over 12.7 million Instagram followers that love to know what she’s up to. And in her newest post, she showed off her booty yet again, except this time, she sported a tight, neon yellow pair of leggings. The video started off with Jen facing her back to the camera, as she did different workouts that focused on the derriere. She completed her outfit with matching, neon yellow sneakers plus what appeared to be a gray tank top. In the captions, she revealed that a brand new YouTube video with a workout is now available for her fans to check out. No doubt many of her followers were excited to see the news.

It looks like Selter is bringing in May with a bang, not just with the newest video post but also with news of giveaways. She also noted that she’s going to weekly video calls again. This was revealed in an Instagram photo where she posed in front of a mirror. She wore a pair of matching plaid leggings and a sports bra along with black sneakers. And behind her, you could see at least nine rows of shoes. The bottom row looked like it was all boots, while the rest of the shoes were organized by color.

The amazing wall of shoes was also photographed in her April 24 Instagram post. In this update, she rocked a very colorful ensemble. The matching outfit included a sports bra and leggings, the latter which had white stripes that accentuated her curves.

The social media sensation previously opened up to Elle about how she feels about her success.

“It’s so crazy. I never expected [my following] to get as high as it did. When my friends graduated from high school, I went to cosmetology school for makeup, and on the side I was working at a gym. And I’ve always been a social media freak.”

But being known for her figure had left something more to be desired, as Selter noted something that she finds interesting about her fans.

“Nobody knows my personality. It’s interesting to me how I build a following of fangirls and fanboys who like me, when they don’t really know me… I’m one of the friendliest, nicest, people out there. I think I would gain another million if people really knew who I was.”