Sahara Ray Zooms In On Bare Derriere During New Instagram Video

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Sahara Ray shared quite a revealing Instagram video today, and fans are loving it. The post showed her taking a video selfie in the reflection of a bathroom mirror. She wore a thong bottom along with a black crop T-shirt. During the video, Ray zoomed in and out of her reflection, taking a moment to show off her derriere and in another moment, shaking her hair out. She joked about how the video was taken during a “Matrix glitch,” which makes sense considering that she used a filter with that effect.

Sahara tends to share more photos than videos, but when she shares the latter, fans can usually expect it to be revealing. Point in case is the past two video updates on Instagram, both which showed the model in a variety of swimsuits. One from late January showed her in a very stringy one-piece with a thong bottom. The video was a very short GIF, however, and she didn’t show off the front of the swimsuit.

On the other hand, Ray shared another Instagram video several days before, which was a longer clip. It showed Sahara posing in front of a mirror, as someone videoed her from behind. At the beginning of the video, you could see her from behind, as she sported a swimsuit with a thong cut. She then turned around to show off the front of the one-piece, which revealed a plunging neckline.

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When the matrix glitches ????

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While it may appear that Ray spends almost all her time in swimsuits, she previously opened up to Galore Magazine about her hobbies and interests outside of social media.

“Taking film photos and spending as much time as possible in nature. I feel like being alone in nature is the only time I can relax and really process my thoughts and feelings. These are incredibly important to me as they’re some of the only things that can get my head out of work. Also keeping heathy is a priority. A big passion of mine is heath [sic] food. I am pretty much vegan..besides whip cream and mayonnaise…oh and cheese hehe I do like cheese but try not to eat it.”

But that’s not all, as Sahara updated fans some more via Instagram Stories. She shared a photo of a drawing someone did, along with a zoomed in selfie of her face. For the selfie, she added a black heart under her left eye, with the bottom of the heart extending down in a slow animation. Plus, she shared the same selfie video again, except this time, she used a different filter.