Bella Thorne Goes Nude In Newest Instagram Photo

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Bella Thorne shared a new Instagram post to commemorate the success of her new book. Titled The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray, it’s a must-read for her fans. The actress posed for the photo while going nude, wearing her hair back in a messy bun. She wore plenty of jewelry, including a watch on both her wrists, along with multiple bracelets and rings. Bella sat on top of a pink chair with her feet on the edge, as she hugged herself with her right arm. Behind her, on the chair, you could see a light pink feather boa.

And a couple of days ago, Thorne shared Instagram photos that were taken from her book reading at Carnegie Hall. She opened up in the captions about how she cried during the event, and that many others did too. The emotionally charged night obviously had a great impact on Bella, and she noted how lucky she felt. She rocked an elegant gold dress for the occasion, which had a revealing cut in the front, and a low cut in the back.

That’s not to mention her other new post that also referenced her book in the captions. In the Instagram picture, Bella wore a white bralette and matching white spandex shorts. Unlike most of her posts, this time, you couldn’t see her face as she faced away from the camera. She wore her hair in a side braid, and accessorized with a chunky necklace.

Bella’s life story is filled with many highs and also heartbreaking lows. And as she’s grown older, she’s appeared to have found her footing by staying true to herself.

“My agents used to say that my transition should be from Disney, to Comedy, to lead love interest Comedy. Like Rachel McAdams type vibe… I love Rachel McAdams, but I’m not [her]. I like the darker things,” said Thorne, as described by Narcity.

And that’s not all, as Bella got real about her prior role in Shake It Up.

“When people saw me on TV, it was ‘Shake It Up’, and I remember walking into that audition, and it wasn’t a choice; it just paid the bills… You have to dress this way, and you have to talk like this.”

“If you’re sitting here judging me, which you are, everyone is. For one moment, just try and stop. Maybe close your eyes, and open them again. What do you see now?”