A YouTuber Visited A Hidden, Toxic Lake In Cyprus And Unknowingly Filmed A Dead Body Dumped By Serial Killer

David MarkPixabay

YouTuber Sarah Funk brought along viewers to a hidden, toxic lake in Cyprus last year, capturing video of the unusually red lake and a mysterious object that could be seen just a few feet from shore.

One year later, police there discovered that the object seen in the background of the video was a suitcase stuffed with a dead body believed to have been dumped by a serial killer. The video has attracted some viral interest as officials in Cyprus uncover bodies hidden in the lake, the work of a serial killer who allegedly targeted immigrant women employed as domestic workers.

The video showed Funk and her boyfriend traveling to the desolate lake, which was hidden by rugged terrain and surrounded by barbed wire, which the two crossed as they made their way to the lake. The small body of water itself was at the bottom of steep cliffs, with a road leading to the bottom. In the video, Funk described how mineral deposits settled downward into the lake, leaving it toxic and colored bright red.

During the video, Funk frequently commented at the foreboding feeling and a smell of death. At one point in the video, she stood just feet from the partially submerged chest that officials later confirmed hid one of the bodies.

Sarah Funk addressed the controversy in the video’s description, saying that she knew nothing of the serial killer or the dead body that was inadvertently hidden within her own video.

“Update: I am devastated to hear about the murders that happened here. Many people have been messaging me and asking if I know more. I don’t. All I can share are the photos that I haven’t published. You can see them here: http://bit.ly/CyprusRedLake

As the Cyprus Mail reported, 35-year-old Nicos Metaxas confessed to killing the women and dumping their bodies into the lake.

“The first of three total suitcases that the murder suspect, Nicos Metaxas, 35, told police he dumped was found on Sunday,” the report noted. “The suitcase contained the body of an adult woman in a fetal position and fully dressed. The previous three victims, found elsewhere in the area, had been naked and bound and wrapped in sheets.”

The killings have sparked controversy in Cyprus, where protesters say that officials were slow to respond to the disappearances of the women. Immigrant rights activists have also called out police for not finding the serial killer, who allegedly killed two young girls as well.

Officials continue to search the lake in Cyprus for more bodies.