Hoda Kotb Admits She Sometimes Has To Turn To Google For Answers Regarding Raising A New Baby

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The Today Show’s Hoda Kotb is experiencing one of the most joyful times in her life yet. The television personality has longed for children her whole life, but treatments for breast cancer left her unable to conceive. In 2017, she took a leap and adopted her daughter, Haley Joy, with her partner, Joel Schiffman.

Her life was transformed by the new bundle of joy, yet she still hoped for another child so that Haley could have a sibling. In April, Kotb publicly revealed that she adopted a second baby, Hope Catherine. She’s been taking a break from the Today Show as she focuses on caring for her little one, according to USA Today.

Kotb was 52-years-old when she welcomed her first child and 54-years-old when she welcomed her second. Although she’s a bit older than most new moms, she didn’t let age hold her back from pursuing her dream for her family. The child’s name is Hope because Kotb never stopped praying and hoping that she’d be able to have the family she always imagined, despite circumstances making it seem unlikely.

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The television personality just starred on the cover of the May edition of People Magazine alongside her two daughters. While she is enjoying every minute of caring for an infant, she admits she forgot some things from doing it the first time. Kotb was humble enough to admit that she doesn’t have all the answers in terms of caring for a newborn and has occasionally turned to Google for some assistance.

“I forgot everything! I was like, ‘How do you hold the baby? How do you feed a baby? How do you swaddle?’ I was googling swaddling and — you’re not going to believe this — how to put on pajamas.”

Kotb went on to talk about how 2-year-old Haley has been adjusting to being a new big sister. The toddler seems to be taking on the role pretty well, at times even marching around and announcing to the world that she’s a big sister.

Of course there’s no denying that with two little ones under her care, Kotb’s got her hands full. However, she’s found that she’s a bit more laid back now than she was with Haley. She knows that she’s doing the best she can to be there for both girls, despite their many needs.

“I was always like, ‘I have to fix it! Here I come.’ Now I’m just like, ‘Haley’s safe. She’s good. The baby’s going to eat in a minute. She’ll be okay.'”