Wendy Williams Used To Cry At Work, A Former Staff Member From Her Show Stated

Ilya S. Savenok Getty Images

Wendy Williams finally appears to be returning to her old self after a challenging past few months. Only weeks ago, the television host finally divorced her husband of nearly 22 years, Kevin Hunter. Hunter was not only her husband and the father of her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., but he was also her manager. In addition to filing for divorce, Williams also fired her ex-husband and hired a new manager.

Hunter is no longer welcome on the set of the show and his name has been removed from the credits. It’s been a rough road for Williams, and the staff of The Wendy Williams Show witnessed how the drama impacted her on a day-to-day basis, according to Pop Culture Celebrity.

Even those that don’t typically watch Williams’ television program likely heard about the downfall of her marriage. Rumors of infidelity surrounded Hunter for months leading up to their divorce. The drama came to a peak when it was revealed that Hunter had recently welcomed a baby girl with his mistress. That appeared to be the last straw for Williams, who has also been working on regaining her sobriety after relapsing earlier this year. On the show, Williams told fans that she had been living in a sober house as she fights an addiction to alcohol.

Throughout the months leading up to Williams’ divorce, her staff could tell she was under pressure.

A source that used to work for Williams recalled walking into her office to find her crying. At times, the television personality would appear down for months on end, but would not open up to her staff about what was bothering her.

“I’d walk into her room and she’d be crying. I didn’t know why. She had an office and it’s called the pink room. And at that time interns could go in and out and she’d have people in there all the time, production staff. There would be months where she would be very sad and then nobody would ever know what it was about. She’s seen me see her cry. You can’t hide that.”

The source went on to speak about how it often appeared that Hunter got to take a lot of credit for Williams’ success.

“I saw Wendy working very hard, and I never really liked how he got a lot of the acclaim. How does he take claim of the show or say he’s a producer? She’s the talent.”