Debra Messing Looks Unrecognizable In Instagram Selfies, Fans Think She Went Overboard On Plastic Surgery

Michael LoccisanoGetty Images

Debra Messing is facing down rumors that she’s gone a bit overboard on plastic surgery after the actress shared a pair of selfies on Instagram that looked unrecognizable to some fans.

The Will and Grace actress shared the images of her made-up face on the social media site, immediately sparking speculation in the comments section that she had gotten too much work done. Some even demanded to know directly from Debra what work she had done recently, which actually prompted a reply from the actress.

Messing said she simply had gotten some good facials in her native New York and is “using every gadget on the market,” the Daily Mail noted. The report added some other possibilities for Messing’s unfamiliar look, noting that it could have been the work of her makeup artists or the lighting of the pictures.

Some fans agreed, thinking that the makeup was less than flattering.

“I would not have recognized you, who are so pretty and INTERESTING….. fire these awful make-up people who turned you into someone as vapid as a Barbie doll!!!!!” one person commented.

The interaction was likely not easy for Messing, who told InStyle that she is acutely sensitive to social media for her teenage son and likely felt quite a bit herself with the unexpected rush of scrutiny to her appearance.

“The thing that makes me feel the most out of control and anxious is the interaction on social media. It wasn’t too long ago that there were no smartphones; you had to use a telephone or communicate on the computer,” Messing said. “You didn’t have the ability to go into your room, close the door, and communicate with complete strangers.”

Others did have Debra’s back in the recent hub-bub over her facial appearance, including some fans who said they were sad to see the turn that the comments had taken. Debra Messing had posted the pictures in support of the work of DoSomething, a non-profit that encourages young people to make positive changes in their world, both online and in real life. Messing’s selfies were taken as she was preparing for the non-profit organization’s annual gala, which she attended along with a host of other celebrities.

The Daily Mail published photos from the event itself, which showed Debra Messing looking much more like herself. That seems to support the idea that it was some combination of makeup, lighting, and proximity of the picture itself to her face.