‘RHONY’ Star Luann de Lesseps Violates Parole After Testing Positive For Alcohol

Dimitrios Kambouris Getty Images

Luann de Lesseps is apparently not taking the conditions of her parole seriously after the Real Housewives of New York star tested positive for alcohol recently, according to People. The Florida Department of Corrections filed a report on April 24, saying that the 53-year-old reality star is not only failing to abstain from alcohol, but has refused to provide evidence that she is attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, prompting the department to contemplate taking further action against de Lesseps.

“I take my sobriety very seriously and like many in my situation, it is a daily struggle,” de Lesseps said. “I remain committed to doing whatever it takes to continue living a healthy sober lifestyle.”

de Lesseps was arrested in December of 2017 for reportedly being publicly intoxicated and attempting to assault an officer. She pleaded guilty to felony charges of trespassing, battery, and disorderly intoxication and was given one year of probation in lieu of jail time. Part of her parole conditions stated that she would attend twice-weekly AA meetings, which she has failed to prove she is doing, and that she stay away from alcohol and drugs, which she also failed to do.

She was also ordered to attend the Victim Impact Class by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, which she has reportedly done, and to do 50 hours of community service, which she has also completed.

On April 21, de Lesseps was tested by a probation officer in New York and failed the test. She then admitted that she had consumed two mimosas during her cabaret performance. This is the second time she has violated her parole; the first time being when she failed to prove that she was attending AA classes.

“It appears to affiant that the subject is not serious about her sobriety of the orders of the court,” the Florida Department of Corrections documents read. “In order to effectively address [her] current relapse, de Lesseps has to be ‘available’ to participate.”

But a friend of the reality star says that she is serious about her sobriety.

“Luann takes this all very seriously,” they said. “She’s remained positive and hopeful along this journey, and has already completed her community service and her MADD course. She continues to attend AA meetings on a regular basis, too. Her friends are all continuing to rally behind her, and know that sobriety is one day at a time.”

de Lesseps has attended rehab twice since the incident, once at the urging of her kids.

The court hasn’t said what it plans to do about the countess’s probation violation, and her year of probation is scheduled to end on August 28.