Barack Obama Saw Trump’s Election Win As Personal Insult, Blamed Hillary For ‘Scripted, Soulless Campaign’

Spencer PlattGetty Images

Barack Obama was personally stung by Donald Trump’s surprise election victory in 2016, and blamed his win on the “scripted, soulless” campaign from Hillary Clinton, a new book claims.

The shocking sequence of events on election night that culminated with Trump’s win was recounted in the book, Obama: The Call Of History, written by New York Times chief White House correspondent Peter Baker. The book detailed Obama’s feelings of personal betrayal that Trump won the election, telling his family that it “hurts” to lose to a man who he had previously written off as a “cartoon,” the Daily Mail reported.

The book described how Obama placed much of the blame on Clinton herself, saying that she brought the troubles on herself by running a campaign that was “scripted” and “soulless.” Obama himself had hit the campaign trail frequently in the days before the election, even telling supporters that he would take it as a personal insult if they did not show up to vote for Clinton.

As the report noted, the book was originally published in July of 2017, but was recently updated with more information on Obama’s presidency. It detailed how, on Election Day, there was widespread confidence that Clinton would win, a sentiment that Obama shared. Though Obama believed that Clinton was far from perfect, he thought there was no way the American people would turn on him by voting in Trump, who he likened to “a conman straight out of Huckleberry Finn,” the Daily Mail noted.

Obama was so confident, in fact, that he and his family went to the White House theater to watch Doctor Strange, then got a text message with news that results were not looking good. Barack stayed up that night to see Trump flip a series of long-blue states, while Michelle went to bed.

At close to 1 a.m., Obama sent a text message to Hillary saying she should concede quickly, as it was clear at that point Trump had won. The two shared a phone call, and Clinton reportedly said: “I’m sorry for letting you down.”

Barack Obama has never shown any public animosity toward Hillary Clinton, and has frequently taken aim at Donald Trump. Obama was active on the campaign trail for the 2018 midterm elections, and has continued to level criticism at Trump.

As The Inquisitr noted, Obama appeared to make reference to Trump this week at an event honoring Nelson Mandela, saying “leaders who feed fear typically are also ones who avoid facts.”