Eminem Reportedly Laughed While Reading Justin Bieber's Criticism On Instagram

Yesterday, Justin Bieber made a social media post criticizing Eminem after listening to his most recent album. As a response to the rapper's dissing of numerous other artists in his genre on the record, Bieber said the performer doesn't understand the rap scene today.

An insider told Celebrity Insider that Eminem is aware of Bieber's comments but does not care about them, which is why he hasn't given a public response. The source claimed he "laughed" at the remark.

"Eminem really does not care how Bieber feels about his flow and laughed when he saw what Justin wrote about him online. Em is not crazy about Justin's music, it ain't for him, so he does not care how he feels about him or who he disses. Em has also dissed Justin in the past and will probably make fun of him again.

"He is not too mad or scared of Justin and not worried about some war or feud with him. Eminem can take it as well as he can dish it, so it is all good."

Bieber had originally listened to Eminem's album Kamikaze during a plane ride which led to the creation of the Instagram Story.

He wrote that while a fan of the rapper and his flow, he didn't like the fact that Eminem insulted new rappers, adding that while he liked the new generation of rap, he believed the Grammy-winning artist did not understand it, Celebrity Insider reported.

Eminem released the unexpected record in August and made headlines for its lyrics, which criticized some of the most successful hip hop artists on the charts. He slammed artists such as Drake, Lil Yachty, Lil Pump, Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Xan, Tyler the Creator, and Machine Gun Kelly.

MGK received the brunt of the attack, getting name-dropped in some vicious lines from the song "Not Alike," for a 2012 tweet where he commented on the looks of Eminem's daughter Hailie.

Soon after the release of the song, Machine Gun Kelly dropped a diss track of his own, "Rap Devil." Eminem then responded with "Killshot."

However, it appears their feud is now over, as Hollywood Life reported that Eminem planned and carried out an intervention to squash the beef between MGK and rapper G-Eazy.

A source said it was important to both MGK and G-Eazy to let everyone know that there were no bad feelings between them. They were both reportedly grateful to Eminem for getting involved and showing them how ridiculous the entire feud was to begin with.