Jennifer Lopez Describes The Time She Accidentally Hurt Jane Fonda

Astrid Stawiarz Getty Images

Accidents happen, even to Jennifer Lopez.

On Thursday, in her new YouTube series, Making a Scene: Episode One, the singer described a “mortifying” accident that occurred when she and actress Jane Fonda were filming the 2005 movie, Monster-in-Law.

The accident happened during one of the most iconic scenes in the movie where the two women were slapping each other — and things got a little out of control. Lopez’s character, Charlotte, was upset that Fonda’s character, Viola, refused to wear her bridesmaid dress. The two began bickering, which eventually led to a physical fight with both women slapping each other. The scene “took a life of its own in a way that we never imagined” Lopez said, with her accidentally poking Fonda in the eye.

When describing the scene, Lopez said Fonda really “went for it” on one of the slaps and the two actresses decided they would just keep slapping each other. She recalled thinking that they were not even supposed to slap each other.

“Afterward Jane had a blood blister right at the top of her eye. My nail went up into her eye,” she explained, laughing.

“I was mortified,” she admitted.

Ironically, Lopez said that she was afraid of hitting or hurting Fonda in any way.

After the scene, Lopez said that she was apologetic to Fonda, who took it all in stride and told her everything was fine.

“And she didn’t care. She’s such a gangster b****. I just love her,” she said.

Lopez said that getting to work with Fonda on a romantic comedy was a joy. She also said that Fonda had returned to acting after a 10-year hiatus because she wanted to work with Lopez. She also said one of the best times on the set was when Fonda slammed Lopez’s face into a cake.

Lopez also described what it was like to work with Fonda.

“Working with Jane Fonda was one of the highlights of my career,” she said. “She is such a powerful presence and so in the moment. It is everything you dream of when you’re coming up as an actress and you think about working with the greats,” she said.

Lopez, who is currently working on the film Hustlers, said that Monster-in-Law is still one of her favorite roles. She said she enjoys doing all kinds of movies, but romantic comedies are her favorite kinds of movies to watch because she is a hopeless romantic.