Spoilers For Friday’s ‘General Hospital’: Alexis Forms A Plan As Chase And Valerie Try To Keep Tabs On Her

Michael YadaABC

General Hospital spoilers for Friday’s episode reveal that there will be a cat-and-mouse game playing out in Port Charles, and this one could get interesting. Valerie and Chase are working together to try to find Kristina, but Alexis, Sonny, and Neil are going to great lengths to prevent that from happening.

The sneak peek for the episode airing on Friday, May 3, suggests that Alexis will kick off a plan she’s desperate to see work. As Alexis talked with Neil about the next steps with Kristina, they discussed how it was imperative both that Alexis not be followed to the safe house, but also that Alexis be there for Kristina.

Luckily, Alexis and her partners in this scheme already know that Valerie and Chase are keeping an eye on her. General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek for Friday tease that Alexis will come up with a way to get to Kristina, and it sounds as if she will be successful.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Alexis will manage to get by Valerie. Earlier in the week, Alexis mentioned that the detectives would probably be keeping an eye on Alexis’ car and phone, so it seems likely she’ll send those off with a decoy as she rides with Neil, or gets to the safe house in some other way.

Valerie and Chase will be doing their best to find Kristina, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Valerie will think she’s got something good. She’ll seemingly be watching through a pair of binoculars and will tell Chase on the phone that things just got interesting.

It would seem that Valerie is probably watching Alexis’ home and it sounds as if she’ll be fooled by the decoy ruse Alexis has concocted. However, Alexis might not want to underestimate the detectives.

Adding a wrinkle to this is that now Chase knows — thanks to a chat with Willow — that Michael is well aware of where Krissy is. Chase learned during Thursday’s show that Michael and his family plan to have Willow meet with Kristina to talk about Dawn of Day.

Chase is friends with Michael and obviously is quite smitten with Willow, so he may struggle a bit here in handling the fact that Willow will soon meet with Krissy. Will he let go of this or possibly betray his girlfriend for the sake of answering the questions he has about Kristina?

General Hospital spoilers note that Kristina will share a laugh with an old friend during Friday’s show, but it looks like she’ll still be kept secluded. Neil will talk with her about seeing her family again, and it sounds as if perhaps Milo will be at the house and will sit down to chat with her on a friendly level for a bit.

At what point will Valerie realize that Alexis came up with a plan to ditch her, and will the detectives get to Kristina before she’s to the point of being ready to let go of Dawn of Day? General Hospital spoilers hint that this will take a bit longer yet to play out, and fans are anxious to see significant forward progress with this storyline.