Hillary Clinton Says 2020 Democratic Candidate Could Call On China To Hack Trump's Tax Returns

Tyler MacDonald

During her talk on MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show with its eponymous host, Hillary Clinton proposed a hypothetical suggestion that mirrored President Donald Trump's infamous remark during his 2016 campaign in which he called on Russia to obtain Clinton's emails, per The Washington Post.

"Imagine, Rachel, that you had one of the Democratic nominees for 2020 on your show, and that person said, you know, the only other adversary of ours who is anywhere near as good as the Russians is China. So why should Russia have all the fun? And since Russia is clearly backing Republicans, why don't we ask China to back us?"
"I'm sure our media would richly reward you."
"Just saying that shows how absurd the situation is we find ourselves in."

Trump said that his call for Russia to find Clinton's missing emails was a joke, but Robert Mueller's report revealed that Russia hackers indeed sought her emails within hours of his remarks.

Clinton also said that calling for Barr's resignation "makes perfect sense," although she said that it's crucial to ensure that Barr isn't using his behavior to take attention off the Mueller report.

When it comes to Trump, Clinton called for hearings but didn't agree to immediate impeachment proceedings against the president. Instead, she believes Congress should continue its investigation into Trump, highlighting that there is still lots of material to explore and uncover. By waiting for impeachment proceedings, Clinton believes it will be better for creating a narrative and determining if the president has committed high crimes and misdemeanors.