Bikini Model Devin Brugman Shows Off Insane Physique In Racy Bikini

Alexander TamargoGetty Images

Bikini model Devin Brugman is no stranger to showing off her gorgeous and toned body in swimwear — after all, she and her best pal, Natasha Oakley, have created an entire brand around their love of bikinis and travel. So, it comes as no surprise that when Brugman takes to Instagram to show off the latest piece from her collection, fans go wild over the update. Her army of admirers did just that in response to a sexy snap posted to her account on Thursday.

Sprawled out in the sand with the waves crashing behind her, Brugman showed off her stunning two-piece attire. The cheetah print number featured a skintight top, which amplified her buxom chest and cleavage flawlessly. The top also boasted thick straps that still showed off her sun-kissed skin. She threw her head back, pushing her chest forward, and the position was perfect for her to show off her chiseled midsection.

Brugman lifted one leg up to flaunt her toned legs, giving her fans a peek at her curvaceous hips. She wore her chestnut-colored locks in long, beach-babe waves that cascaded down her back, and she closed her eyes as she soaked up some rays.

This latest update is just one of a handful of shots posted by the sizzling brunette recently. Earlier in the week, Brugman turned heads while strolling on the beach in a body-hugging one-piece that clung to her every curve. She posted a stunning photo profiling the bikini to Instagram, and fans were drooling over the dramatic and plunging neckline of the revealing attire.

For that snap, Brugman rocked the all-black number while standing up to show off her toned physique. She playfully ran her hair through her dark, damp locks, and closed her eyes in one of her signature poses — looking relaxed and happy to be splashing around in the waves. The high-cut ensemble showed off her toned legs and voluptuous thighs, and she upped the glam-factor a bit by adding some shimmery highlighter to her tanned face. She also added a pop of color to her lips with a pink gloss.

In an interview with Glamour, Brugman and her business partner — and best friend — Natasha Oakley opened up about some of their favorite travel destinations, and, of course, what they consider to be the world’s most Instagram-worthy beach.

“We would have to say The Bahamas, just because the water is so unbelievably crystal clear and turquoise. Pretty much any picture you take standing in front of that water, on that white sand, is going to be amazing,” Brugman shared.