Instagram Rates Lyna Perez’s Bikini Cleavage A ’10’

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Instagram seems to have found its “perfect 10.”

The challenge comes self-volunteered from Lyna Perez’s May 2 Instagram update. The bold move sees Perez posing in a tiny red bikini that’s minimal on the material (and maximal on the cleavage). A caption telling fans to “play rate this bikini” comes with “1-10” instructions. A quick scroll through the comments suggests that this girl’s fans have nothing but the utmost praise for her. One summed up their thoughts in a comment.

“Bikini: 10, boobs: 10, tattoo: 10, YOU: 10! @lynaritaa”

Another compared Perez’s super-skimpy swimwear to a common bathroom item, as per their comment.

“That’s dental floss”

Where Lyna is today is unknown. Standing amid background palms and manicured lawns, Perez appears to be in some form of beachfront resort. In the distance, a small ocean bay comes dotted with parasols. An unidentified person donning a towel-covered swimsuit is seen walking up a path leading to Lyna. Very much forming the foreground, however, this girl is dominating the picture, and likely her fans’ minds. While the bulk of today’s comments see the number “10” mentioned, one fan appearing to be named Anthony had some complaints. For him, the bikini was too “micro.” He likewise did not care for the body ink – “I admit, I like a little more conservative,” he concluded. Lyna replied, suggesting he should “maybe try going to church?”

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Let's play rate this bikini (1-10)????

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Lyna has 3.8 million Instagram followers. Her following has jumped up by 100,000 in less than a month. April 11 marked The Inquisitr documenting Lyna at the 3.7 million mark. With her figure-flaunting updates, cheeky captions, and savvy interaction tactics, why this girl’s following is on the up is a no-brainer. An Instagram bio that introduces Lyna as “basically [living] in a bikini” probably also helps.

Social media marketing executives likely advise their clients to be as witty as possible with their captions. Whether Perez has hired one is unknown. Something about this girl’s words suggests that it’s all coming from her, though. Lyna’s April 7 photo might have come with overflowing cleavage and this model’s signature smile, but “breaking” conventional table manners as the caption likely went down well. The pattern of toying with words proved similarly popular with Lyna’s “Hoechella” update, seen below.

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Hoechellla???? Who wants to join me next year?

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Viewers were likely a little too distracted by this eye-popping video to notice the clothing. Still, Perez’s “Hoechella” update came with as much provocation as it did style. Her bustier was from luxury French designer Balmain. This celebrity-adored label is regularly seen on the likes of the Kardashian-Jenners and Beyonce.

Fame on Beyonce or Kim Kardashian’s level has yet to come for Lyna. Today seems to be working in getting her there, however.