Spoilers For Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’: Oscar’s Death Breaks Hearts Throughout Port Charles

Todd WawrychukABC

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday’s show confirm what viewers already knew: it would be wise to have tissues handy as this one airs. At the end of Wednesday’s episode, Oscar Nero passed away. The May 2 show will feature the news spreading throughout Port Charles.

As The Inquisitr detailed, Wednesday’s episode focused on Oscar — and the process of his letting go and passing away. Viewers watched as both Kim and Josslyn had a moment of realization that things had changed, but a new sneak peek details that Thursday’s show will feature the bulk of the heartbreaking reactions coming from Nero’s loved ones.

The new sneak peek shared via Twitter shows Josslyn, Drew, and Kim gathering by Oscar’s bedside. It seems likely that Joss will quickly call out for Kim and Drew as she realizes that Oscar isn’t breathing, and the three will be overcome by emotion as they try to accept that he is gone.

Kim, Drew, and Josslyn will each take a moment to share some final words about how much they have loved Oscar, and always will. Joss will insist that she will love him forever, and the promo notes that the next few days will be incredibly hard for everybody.

As Kim cries and cradles her son — and Drew does the same — Monica will enter the room. She will gasp as she realizes what has happened. General Hospital spoilers share that Jason will soon be there to support his family as well, putting his arm around Monica’s shoulder and pulling her close.

The preview clip also shows that, at a later point, Kim will be holding a stuffed animal and leaning against Julian as she grieves. It looks like a tribute wall of sorts will start to come together somewhere, perhaps at Charlie’s. Friends leave notes, flowers, and photos in honor of the deceased teen.

While Wednesday’s show focused entirely on Oscar’s last moments and death, Thursday’s episode does bounce over to other storylines as well. The Dawn of Day drama continues, and The Inquisitr notes that there’s another confrontation ahead involving Willow and Shiloh.

Chase will confront Michael about Kristina — and elsewhere, Franco will try to connect with Cameron. In addition, General Hospital spoilers share that Sam will tell Jason about the file Shiloh has about her, and SheKnows Soaps shares that she’ll be distracted.

Fans have been waiting for months now to see if Oscar would perish. Now, the answer has finally been revealed, and General Hospital spoilers hint that there are quite a few powerful moments on the way. The teen’s loved ones will try to cope with moving forward in life without him.