‘Ocean’s 8’ Girl Emmy Elliott Goes Fully Topless, Instagram Calls It A ‘Masterpiece’

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Uncredited as her Ocean’s 8 role may have been, Emmy Elliott is getting noticed.

On May 2, the model and actress updated her Instagram account. Some on the platform are already calling this topless shot a “masterpiece.”

The outdoor snap shows Emmy amid leafy trees. Rays of sunshine are streaming through the shrubbery, although Emmy is mostly in the shade. Given the amount of skin on show, being sheltered may not be such a bad thing for her. Elliott is seen fully topless, wearing only string bikini briefs in pale yellow. Conveniently-placed foliage is just about covering this girl’s modesty. A whimsical caption from Emmy, one attached to the sexy snapshot, states that “magic” is only found by those who believe in it.

Comments for this sensation come in the form of high praise today. One user left their thoughts.

“Now this is a masterpiece.”

Another fan called Elliott “blessed” with the “gift of natural beauty.” Emmy’s Instagram bio mentions being a “Bond girl,” however her IMDb page appears devoid of any appearances in the spy movie franchise. That said, her IMDb page shows that she has appeared in some well-known films. Emmy is listed as a “model” in 2018’s Ocean’s 8. She has also appeared in the Gotham TV series, and a film titled Female Fight Club.

Emmy has 179,000 followers on Instagram. While relatively modest in her Instagram presence, this girl is nonetheless climbing the ranks. Recent posts from Emmy have been liked by more-established models. The “Russian Kim Kardashian,” Anastasiya Kvitko, has liked Emmy’s snaps. The busty Russian even follows Elliott.

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Growing apart to get closer @unknownduplicate

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Building up acting credits in a highly-competitive Hollywood is no picnic. Cities in the immediate area are filled with aspiring starlets. Their days are inevitably packed with auditions, and perhaps some stereotypical moonlighting as a waitress. While there’s little to suggest that Emmy is waiting tables, this brunette is building up her popularity via social media. The formula for this seems simple. Wearing very little clothing seems to attract more viewers than being covered up. Being provocative and daring also seems to lead to increased viewership.

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Hottest thing; eye contact with you ????????

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With a feed that suggests a low budget on the photography front, Emmy’s candid snaps offer a fresh appeal. Instagram models with high followings inevitably switch to glossier photography as their fame rises. While the result doesn’t seem to damage their followings, it does lose a sense of intimacy that Emmy continues to channel.

Bereft of high-end glam as this model may be, she does appear to have her eye on individuals embracing it. Emmy follows Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, and Beyonce. She likewise keeps tabs on fellow models Alexis Ren, Olivia Culpo, and French twins Mathilde and Pauline Tantot.