Britney Spears Reportedly Not Worried About Repeating Past Breakdown

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Britney Spears reportedly doesn’t live in fear of repeating her past breakdown, although she still struggles with her mental health.

According to Us Weekly Magazine, Britney Spears allegedly doesn’t worry about breaking down the way she did back in 2007. The pop star, who recently spent a few weeks in a mental health facility, reportedly doesn’t let that tough time in her life impact her current days.

Sources tell the outlet that Britney has come a long way since the breakdown where she shaved her head, attacked a photographer’s car with an umbrella, was admitted to a psychiatric hospital, and lost custody of her sons, Preston and Jayden, to her former husband Kevin Federline.

“Britney doesn’t live in fear of repeating what happened in 2007 and 2008. Is that period of time in the back of her mind? Sure, sometimes. But she doesn’t let it affect her day-to-day routine. She’s come such a long way as a performer, as a mother and as a person — and that includes knowing when it’s time to take the necessary steps to seek help.”

The insider adds that Spears is focused on her sons and that having them near helps the singer to keep her composure and focus.

“Britney’s visit with the boys went extremely well. She thrives around them,” a second source told the outlet of Spears’ reunion with Preston and Jayden.

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As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Britney Spears is said to be focused on getting her life back to normal in the days after being released from the mental health facility.

The singer is said to be returning to her daily life and routine. She’s been seen heading out with her boyfriend, Sam Ashgari, and heading to the tanning salon to get a fresh, new bronzed glow. She was also recently spotted talking on her cellphone while driving in California.

Before her release from the facility, Britney took to her Instagram account to let her fans know that she was doing, well and told them not to worry after some crazy rumors began to spread around the internet about the singer and her family members.

Spears told her social media followers that she is “strong” and that she stands up for what she wants, dispelling the out of control rumors that have been floating around, such as that her family forced her to seek treatment against her will.

Britney also thanked her supportive fans for all of their love during the bumpy time in her life and promised that she would be back soon.

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