Kelly Ripa Posts Sexy Instagram Photo With Mark Consuelos For 23rd Anniversary

Kelly Ripa posted a sexy Instagram photo with her handsome husband, Mark Consuelos, to celebrate their 23rd anniversary as a married couple, and their followers are loving the intimate snap.

In a photo that appears to be taken while the couple and their family were being photographed for People Magazine's "Most Beautiful" Issue, Ripa and Consuelos appear to be in a sweet embrace and happy as can be. But the smoldering look in the Riverdale star's eyes for his gorgeous Live with Kelly & Ryan star wife takes the photo to an entirely different level.

It is the same look fans get to see each and every time the couple shares photos of one another on the social media site.

Prior to sharing this steamy pic, Ripa posted a photo of Consuelos in honor of Husband Appreciation Day. She quipped that in her home, every day is "Husband Appreciation Day," and that instead of looking at the hot photo of the actor, fans should admire the cool salt and pepper shakers on the table in front of him instead.

USA Today reported that Consuelos admitted that after 23 years of marriage, there are a few things he is finally figuring out in his marriage to his former All My Children co-star. The couple eloped in 1996 to Las Vegas for a quickie wedding before heading back to the set of the daytime serial.

The actor said in an interview with Esquire he is "an incredibly slow learner, so I feel like I'm just getting it."

"Like, 'Oh, this is what you're supposed to do,' or, 'OK, sometimes yes means no.' After 23 years, I'm just learning that — so no, I don't think I could give anybody advice."
As for the notorious "Daddy" hashtag that Ripa often uses to describe her husband? While many fans believe it is a way to reference the fact that the actor is a "hot dad," Consuelos revealed that in fact, it means something entirely different and it was all started by Andy Cohen, a longtime pal of the couple.Consuelos was away on location for an acting job and asked Cohen to check on a locked door in the couple's home that he and Ripa share with their three children. It was then that Cohen called him out on his actions.
"During one of my breaks, I called and Andy answered and I asked: 'Hey, can you do me a favor? Can you make sure a certain door is locked?' People always forget to lock this door, and I wasn't home. I was kind of being…a dad."
As you can see, just when you think something is cute and sexy, it turns into something even more adorable.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are the parents of three children -- Michael, Lola, and Joaquin.