Tim Tebow’s Pastor Blasts ‘Anti-Christian’ Media

After Tim Tebow canceled a speaking engagement at the First Baptist mega-church, his pastor came out both guns blazing. Tebow had originally agreed to speak at First Baptist of Dallas, but later cancelled the appearance after coming under fire for association with the church.

First Baptist and its pastor Robert Jeffress are widely considered as being anti-gay to a degree that apparently made even Tim Tebow (or his agent) uncomfortable. According to the Daily Beast, the cancellation of his appearance has drawn the ire of Jeffress who handed the blame squarely to the media.

Jeffress and his church have long been compared to the more well known Westboro Baptist church because of incendiary comments the pastor has made about gays as well as other religions saying that Mormons, Hindus, and Muslims “worship a false God” and that gay people’s:

“filthy behavior … explains why they are more prone to disease”

Fox News reports that while Jeffress has been very understanding of Tebow’s about face, he has been lesser so when it comes to the media’s coverage of the issue. Jeffress claimed that Tebow changing his mind about the invitation was just further proof that there is “an all-out attack on Christianity by the media as well as supporters of same-sex marriage.”

Jeffress also pointed to the current climate of where Tim Tebow is living and working. The New York media was especially critical of Tebow’s original choice to speak at the church. Even if the Jets are likely looking to trade the former phenom, it wouldn’t be a great idea for him to be trafficking with people who have ideals that don’t match the more Liberal environment of New York City.

The real reasons why Tim Tebow chose not to join pastor Robert Jeffress at the First Baptish Church of Dallas is still unknown. In a tweet announcing the cancellation, Tebow referenced “new information” but didn’t clarify what that information was.