Was Camille Grammer Enlisted To Replace Lisa Vanderpump On ‘RHOBH’? She Explains On Twitter

Tommy GarciaBravo

After Lisa Vanderpump quit filming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with her co-stars midway through the ninth season, Camille Grammer was reportedly contacted by their producers.

According to a May 1 report from All About the Real Housewives, Grammer was “asked to step it up” with her co-stars after Vanderpump endured a massive falling out with the cast following their allegations of a leaked story about Dorit Kemsley.

“When [Lisa] stopped showing up to film I had to step it up,” Grammer explained to fans on Twitter earlier this week.

Following Grammer’s post, one of her Twitter followers confronted her by suggesting she’s been trying so hard to reclaim her full-time position on the show but has yet to be successful in having her role upgraded. In response, Grammer informed the fan that she likes being a “friend” on the show and pointed out that during a 2018 appearance on Watch What Happens Live, she told Andy Cohen that she wasn’t sure she had enough time for a full-time role after he asked her if she wanted her diamond back.

After the fan’s mean suggestion, Cohen came to Grammer’s defense by tweeting, “I always love seeing more Camille!!!!”

“Thank you, Andy!” Grammer replied.

Grammer has been featured on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on and off ever since the show began in 2011. As fans may recall, Grammer appeared in a full-time role for the first two seasons of the series before taking on a part-time role for Season 3. Then, after skipping Season 4 completely, Grammer returned to the show’s fifth season in a guest role and remained in that role through Season 7. Since then, she’s been a “friend” of the cast.

Although Vanderpump and Grammer appeared to be on good terms with one another earlier this year, things seemed to change between them after Grammer was seen poking fun at Vanderpump’s teeth during an episode of the show last month.

Following the episode, Vanderpump, who had celebrated the opening of her new Las Vegas restaurant with Grammer just weeks prior, took to her personal blog, where she slammed Grammer for taking aim at her appearance.

“I was totally unaware that Camille had spewed such garbage and salivated over my absence from the group,” Vanderpump wrote. “She apparently had confided in one of my close friends, prior to this being aired, as we celebrated in Vegas, that she had regret in manufacturing BS at my expense.”

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