‘General Hospital’ Star Garren Stitt Gets New Look, Sends Positive Message To Fans

Craig SjodinABC Press

Oscar Nero lost his battle with cancer on Wednesday’s General Hospital. Actor Garren Stitt hit it out of the ballpark these past few days as his character embraced his last days with his family and friends. Now that the teen is no longer a main part of the cast at GH, he is changing things up a bit.

Stitt showed off his new look on his Instagram account. A few days ago, he was seen with shorter hair that was lightened up a bit. On Wednesday, he decided to change it up even more by debuting a totally different hair color. He now has what appears to be a frosted light pink color of hair. He is posing in a series of photos proudly showing off his new ‘do.

He asked his fans if they noticed anything. Some people made the comment that he looked like Jack Frost, while others told him how sad they were that he was leaving his role as Oscar Nero. However, there was one familiar person who happened to notice something else in the pictures.

Tamara Braun, who plays the role of Garren Stitt’s TV mom on General Hospital, took to the comment section to let him know the first thing that she noticed when she saw the snaps.

“Yes, I notice that your underwear match your hair. Do I win a prize?”

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notice anything?

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She is referencing the fact that the young actor/musician has his jeans drooping below his underwear. She has spoken like a true TV mom. That prompted others to join in to let him know that they noticed that he could use a belt. Overall, most fans loved his new look, which is quite a departure from his soap character.

In addition, Stitt used his Instagram story to share himself sitting in the salon chair right after his hair color change. He also shared a message that was sent to him from a fan who had experienced the loss of both her husband and daughter. She said how watching his scenes as Oscar helped her get to a place that she needed to be. That may be what inspired Garren to share a positive message to his fans about not just having fun on the weekends, but to embrace life Monday through Friday as well.

Garren Stitt may not be done on General Hospital just yet. After all, those who have departed from the soap have been known to show up to comfort their loved ones. Maybe he will pop up one more time.