‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Thursday: Willow Is Unsettled When Shiloh Confronts Her Again

Michael YadaABC Press

Port Charles is grieving the loss of Oscar Nero after his death on Wednesday’s General Hospital. While Kim, Drew, and Joss will be dealing with this tragedy in their lives, Sam and Jason will continue their quest to take Shiloh Archer down. Sam is even more unsettled after she broke into the office at Dawn of Day this week.

Now the drama continues on Thursday, as Shiloh is still making life difficult for Willow Tait. He is obsessed with getting her back into his cult and will do anything to make that happen. General Hospital spoilers coming from Soap Central tease that the school teacher will have an unsettling visit from Shiloh. In the previews that were shown on Wednesday, the Dawn of Day leader tells Willow that he and her mom, Harmony, had talked about everything. Willow’s face seemed to indicate that she thinks that he could possibly know about the baby.

At this point, Shiloh has no idea that she was pregnant with his child when she fled the cult. However, Harmony did know as she told her when they last met up at Kelly’s. She indicated to her daughter that she would not tell Shiloh about her being pregnant. Willow told her that she had a miscarriage, just in case she did actually go back to spill the news to Shiloh. She couldn’t take that chance that anyone would find out that her baby is just fine and living in Port Charles. At least that’s what she believes is the case.

Now Shiloh will be visiting Willow in yet another effort to break her down. He is sure that she will be back in his fold soon. She is trying to fight with all she has not to be manipulated as she was when she was a part of Dawn of Day. Willow has vowed never to let that happen ever again.

More General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that Shiloh will continue to come in between Willow and Chase. Does this mean that she hasn’t completely broken away from Dawn of Day? Chase keeps letting her know how strong she is, but there has been a small part of her that is afraid Shiloh will get back into her mind, just as he did when she was part of “the trust” and that she will fall for his lies again.

Chase is not about to let that happen. He is doing whatever it takes to bring Shiloh down to not only protect Willow, but also Kristina and any others that he snags up to be in his cult.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.