‘One Piece’ Chapter 942 Spoilers, Release Date: Eiichiro Oda Taking A Two-Week Break

tofoli.douglasFlickr / Public Domain

One Piece Wano Arc continues to get intense as the much-awaited battle between the Straw Hat Pirates alliance and the Beast Pirates alliance draws near. Chaos is currently happening in every corner of the Land of Wano as the Beast Pirates started to arrest people whom they believe will be part of the rebellion. Unfortunately, fans will be needing to wait longer to see the next chapter of One Piece.

According to Comic Book, though One Piece Chapter 941 had an early release, One Piece Chapter 942 will be delayed for two weeks as popular manga creator Eiichiro Oda decided to take a break for Japan’s Golden Week holiday. The next chapter of One Piece will reportedly be available on May 12.

“But the series will be seeing a schedule shift over the next couple of weeks as various holidays and special events take over Japan. The series will need to take a break for Japan’s Golden Week holiday, and now we know how that will effect the release of the manga. Chapter 941 of the series will be releasing earlier than expected in Japan as it launches on April 26th, but the series’ next chapter will not be releasing until around May 12th, which marks a two week break for the series.”

In the previous chapter of One Piece, the Beast Pirates succeeded in capturing the witching hour boy, Tonoyasu. Tonoyasu has been hiding his real identity for a long period of time but after he was caught, the Beast Pirates realized that he’s a prominent figure in the Land of Wano. One Piece Chapter 941 revealed that Tonoyasu is Lord Yasuie, who served as the daimyo of Hakumai when the Kozuki Clan was still the ruler of the Land of Wano.

At the same time of Komurasaki’s funeral, Tonoyasu will be executed at the Flower Capital where Shogun Kurozumi Orochi is set to attend. Upon learning the news about his father’s execution, Toko immediately headed to the Flower Capital along with Komurasaki. Knowing that the two girls can’t defend themselves, Zoro was left with no choice but to accompany them. Zoro is indeed one of the powerful swordsmen in the Land of Wano, but with the presence of the Beast Pirates in the Flower Capital, there is a strong chance that he could suffer the same fate as Straw Hat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy if he acts carelessly.

Aside from Tonoyasu’s execution, One Piece Chapter 942 could also feature the clash between Shutenmaru and Beast Pirates headliner Holdem at Bakura Town. Shutenmaru is currently heading to Bakura Town with plans to have his revenge against Holdem for setting their territory on fire.