‘NOT QUILTY’: Chuck Woolery Roasted For Trump Tweet

Alberto E. Rodriguez

Chuck Woolery, who was famous in the 1980s as the host of Love Connection and other popular game shows, has reinvented himself more recently as a conservative political commentator, as well as a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump.

Woolery sent a tweet Wednesday that earned him a great deal of roasting, in which he declared Trump “not guilty” in the Russia matter — while misspelling the word “guilty.”

“Does not matter if it took 400+ pages or 4 pages,” the former game show host tweeted Wednesday. “The conclusion is the same. Simply put in two words. NOT QUILTY. Accept it or not.”

Woolery, despite the misspelling, did not delete the tweet at any point during the day. He did, however, post a subsequent tweet stating “Guilty Quilty, Let’s call the whole thing off.” And Woolery continued tweeting for the rest of the day, about a variety of political topics, while promoting his podcast, called Blunt Force Truth.

And he came in for much mockery.

“This tweet justifies the very existence of Twitter,” Michael Cohen — the Democratic speechwriter, not the former Trump attorney — tweeted in response. Others made toilet paper jokes — with historian Kevin M. Kruse directing Woolery on Twitter to the Consumer Reports page for toilet paper — while some more literary-minded social media users made jokes about Nabokov, as there was a character in Lolita named Clare Quilty.

Meanwhile, the Twitter user known as Bouganhaagen Daz pointed out the irony that Woolery used to host the game show version of Scrabble.

The tweet came the same day that Attorney General William Barr was aggressively questioned on Capitol Hill by Democrats who believe that he misrepresented the findings of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

The 78-year-old Woolery has been the subject of occasional controversies in recent years. In 2017, per Newsweek, he was criticized for a tweet in which he stated “believe it or not. Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin were both Jewish. I was shocked to find, most of the original Soviet Communists were Jewish.” The tweet was called anti-Semitic, as well as incorrect; Lenin, while he was perhaps a quarter Jewish, never identified as such.

Woolery also had a “meltdown” over Islam, also on Twitter, in 2013, per Salon, when he blamed that religious faith for that year’s bombings of the Boston Marathon.

“If you don’t know is , then you don’t know history and you refuse to reason,” Woolery tweeted in 2016. “I’m not saying that every Muslim is Evil. Different.”