May 1, 2019
Anne Hathaway Goes Shirtless In Super Sexy Photos

Anne Hathaway is the cover girl for the most recent issue of Shape Magazine, which is all about the skin and promises to tell readers how to feel happy and confident their own skin.

According to The Daily Mail, Anne Hathaway rocks the cover of the magazine and shows off her own skin the process. The actress is seen leaving little to the imagination in the photos for the publication.

In the cover photo, Anne dons a pair of high-waisted white pants and a matching suit jacket. Hathaway wears no bra or shirt underneath the jacket and shows off her ample cleavage in the racy ensemble.

The actress' smooth skin is on full display as she smiles in front of a gorgeous background, complete with a blue sky and ocean scenery, as well as green grass.

Anne has her shoulder-length, dark hair parted to the side and styled in voluminous waves, which fall down her neck and over her shoulder.

She also sports a full face of makeup for the photos, which includes a darkened eyebrow and thick lashes. Anne adds a pink eye shadow and matching blush on her cheeks and completes her glam look by donning a berry color on her plump lips.

Inside the pages of the magazine, Anne Hathaway spills her tricks and secrets for looking great and feeling great. The actress admits that she doesn't go too hard with her health and wellness, but that she tries to make it a relaxing routine for herself. That is unless she's working on a movie.

"I'm not a natural wellness warrior. I have friends who go to longevity conventions. They take crystal baths. For me, I try to make it to yoga three or four times a week. It's a different story when I'm working on a film, though. I work out with a trainer, and I do a lot of strength training and HIIT when I need to do that," Hathaway revealed.

The actress also claims that she isn't extremely strict about her food intake either, revealing that she only has a few rules about what she eats, such as not buying anything already pre-packaged, and cutting out red meat and pork.

"But generally speaking, I'm pretty low-key about all that stuff. The balancing [of my approach to keeping in shape] is important to me," Anne revealed.

Fans can see more of Anne Hathaway in this month's issue of Shape Magazine.