Oscars 2013 Security: LAPD On High Alert Following Mass Shootings

The Oscars air live from Hollywood tonight, and, ahead of the industry’s biggest show, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is busily increasing security measures. The law enforcement agency is reportedly worried because of the recent increase in mass shootings around the United States.

While the LAPD is claiming to be “always vigilant” during the Oscars, the 2013 ceremony has witnessed an increase in the number of police officers.

Several law enforcement officials have told TMZ that there is “an extra knot” in security at this years Academy Awards.

According to one LAPD official:

“When someone from the city gets fired, the city manager of the department calls because they’re scared the person who was fired will go postal. People are going crazy with fear.”

While the LAPD works to protect everyone in attendance for the Oscars, the city hired Security Industry Specialists (SIS), a private security firm, to keep an eye out for known celebrity stalkers. The LAPD provides SIS with a packet of known stalkers.

The LA Times explains typical security measures taken by the LAPD:

“Typically, the LAPD has snipers with 50-caliber rifle on roofs and a robotic forklift known as “Batcat” capable of lifting a bomb-filled truck. Even the way the limousines enter the area has been designed to slow their passage by forcing them to weave around concrete barriers.

“Several hundred officers in uniform will staff checkpoints and road blocks while a couple hundred are working as private security, donning tuxedos to provide personal and red-carpet protection.”

Streets around the venue have already been shut down to traffic, and crowds have gathered to watch stars as they arrive on the red carpet.

Do you think the LAPD needs to provide extra security for Oscars 2013?