May 1, 2019
'General Hospital' Fans React To Wednesday's Oscar Nero Episode

During Wednesday's episode of General Hospital, viewers watched as all of the scenes connected in some way to teen Oscar Nero and his terminal illness. His fate was revealed at the very end of the May 1 episode and fans had plenty to say about it all on Twitter.

Warning! Potential spoilers ahead!

As The Inquisitr detailed, at the end of Wednesday's episode, Oscar died. The hour included a lot of emotional moments, but not all General Hospital fans were won over by what the writers did.

A fair number of General Hospital fans never warmed up to having Oscar, or his mom Kim, in Port Charles. In fact, numerous viewers were using the hashtag "#OscarIsDeadParty" throughout Wednesday's show to essentially celebrate that the character was finally killed off.

The Josslyn and Oscar love story, with Oscar dying, has prompted some comparisons to the Robin and Stone storyline from years ago. However, plenty of General Hospital fans on Twitter do not want to see the two couples held in the same regard.

"Dear #GH writers, Oscar isn't Stone, so please don't have him constantly mentioned for years to come. Please don't. We're begging. #OscarIsDeadParty"
Some pointed out on Twitter that they simply never invested in Oscar, detailing that "This promo does not pull at my heart strings frankly because I don't care about Oscar."
Not all General Hospital viewers were celebrating the teen's death though. Some noted that the episode was a major tearjerker and touching while others praised Eden McCoy (Josslyn) and Garren Stitt (Oscar) for their scenes.

Along those same lines, plenty of fans loved the touch of having Lila and Edward involved.

However, this didn't resonate with all of the viewers, as one person on Twitter detailed, "I didn't need Lila and Edward."
"Not only [did] they not know this kid, they didn't know his father. Y'all could have made the exact same episode without them. This was unnecessary. #GH"
The way the episode was written, with Oscar seemingly bouncing back briefly, did shake up plenty of viewers. There was definitely a lot of General Hospital banter across Twitter as the episode aired.
Going forward, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Jax will return to support Josslyn, Julian will do his best to support Kim, and SheKnows Soaps details that Drew will make a significant business decision. There's some speculation that perhaps Drew will sell Aurora to Jax, as Jax is expected to be sticking around town.

Was the episode following Oscar's last moments a hit or a miss? Several of the cast members central to this storyline, including Eden McCoy, Garren Stitt, and William Lipton (Cameron) are up for Daytime Emmy Awards this weekend and General Hospital fans are rooting for Eden and Garren, in particular, to take home the wins.