Taylor Swift Melts Meeting New Cat Benjamin For The First Time In Behind The Scenes Video

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If you haven’t heard yet, Taylor Swift not only has another huge hit on her hands, but she also has a new cat she named Benjamin Button. He came into the pop singer’s life very unexpectedly. She met the sweet feline when she was filming the “Me!” video with Brendon Urie and the whole thing was caught on film for the world to see.

On the same day that Swift released her much-anticipated music video, she also shared a photo of her new kitty. Now the story is emerging on how she first met this furry creature that has stolen her heart. There is an epic video that was uploaded onto YouTube on Tuesday showing that first meeting. Her reaction to the cat was priceless.

Benji, as she calls him, is featured in the music video when Urie hands him over to Swift as a gift to win her back. In the behind the scenes video, the “Blank Space” singer appears to hear the cries of a kitten and asks where he is. A crew member hands the cat to her and Taylor is immediately smitten. She is told that he loves to purr and he also loves belly rubs. It is not clear whether she was joking or not, but Swift asks if she can have him. When the girl says that he is available, it was written all over Taylor’s face on how this was all going to go down.

Urie is watching the whole scene unfold in front of him. He also got in on the action, loving up to little Benji. The blue-eyed cat appears to love all of the attention. Swift continued gushing to everyone she came into contact with about how sweet he is, including her mom and dad.

The two singers continued chatting about the feline as they are seen waiting to film. She told the Panic at the Disco frontman how this video will be a reminder of how she met the newest member of her family. The duo even joked that Benjamin’s blue eyes are the same color as his new owner’s.

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This is Benjamin Button. He’s a good boy.

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The 29-year-old music sensation is then seen giving out belly rubs and still gushing on how much she loves him. She then mentioned to Benji about his new sisters, Meredith and Olivia, who were also featured in the “Me!” video. She tells him how nice they will be to him.

“And so now Meredith and Olivia are having a brother. That’s what’s happening. So you’re gonna have two sisters. They’re going to be really, really nice to you. Maybe not at first, but that’ll just be because they’re jealous.”

Taylor Swift is sure to keep everyone updated on how things are going between her three cats. So far, she has posted a few Instagram snaps of Benjamin settling into his new home with his famous mom.